Man Seen On Video Passed Out At Falmouth Library Computer Vows Legal Action Due To Lack Of Consent, Claims He Was Only On Suboxone


Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins is attempting to essentially legalize heroin throughout random places in Massachusetts.

Safe injection sites is progressive code word for “We’re letting you get high in this spot, but we’re going to chaperone you while doing so to make sure you don’t use AIDS infested needles.”

The reason I bring this up is because a video in the Filter Free Falmouth Facebook group was posted today showing what Rollins’ junkie utopia will look like.

The “muh feelings” censorship patrol was out in full force condemning the person who recorded it, instead of the person who got high and passed out at a computer with children around.

Get over yourself. Public shaming works. That’s just a fact. It’s why we get messages like this all the time.

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Public shaming has done more for the world than any well meaning, virtue signaler on Facebook ever has. You can make excuses when no one is looking, but when everyone is watching you it becomes a lot harder. Plus, the guy filming it is a recovering addict himself, which gives him street cred because it’s like the n word for junkies – only former addicts can shame current addicts.

The man in the video showed up in the comments to defend his honor, vowing massive deformation lawsuits.

I’m sorry to inform you sir, but you were in the public library passed out at a computer. I’m not sure who told you that your behavior at the public library would remain private, but you are very much ill informed.

The “I’m not high, I was just on suboxone” line gets me every time too. Newsflash – substituting one drug for another means you’re still addicted. I’m also pretty sure suboxone doesn’t make you fall asleep at a computer, but I could be wrong. The bottom line is, this is why you should intervene with any friends or family if they ever grow a chinstrap.

It drastically increases your odds of becoming a junkie and ending up on TB. Almost as bad as a flat brimmed Chicago Bulls hat.


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