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Man Shot By Police In Quincy After Stealing Rockland Police Cruiser Previously Shot 8 Year Old Girl, Posted Pictures Of Gun On Facebook Along With “Solid White” Chest Tattoo


Yesterday an armed man named Eric Leach went on a robbery spree in Rockland, stole a police cruiser, led police on a high speed high chase through 5 south shore towns, and then was engaged in a two hour stand off before getting shot and killed by police in Quincy.

Thank God he didn’t have an AR-15. Those are dangerous.

Despite living in a state with some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country, this career criminal who previously went to jail for shooting an 8 year old girl in Brockton, had absolutely zero problem obtaining a firearm that he used to terrorize law abiding citizens.

Surely then the solution must be more gun control.

I have to be honest though, I’m surprised the cops killed him. I was told by BLM memes that violent white shooters always get taken alive and then receive free Burger King, whereas black people by rule must be shot and killed during every interaction with police. And I for one am shocked that the guy whose last Facebook post was “I could use 60 days in Walpole” and has a “SOLID WHITE” chest tattoo wouldn’t adhere to existing gun laws.

Don’t worry though, there will be no protests for Eric Leach. Normal people realize that violent criminals who engage in dangerous behavior and don’t comply with police commands deserve to get shot by the cops. Meanwhile in Lowell there’s been three months of BLM protests against the police for a 6 time domestic abuser who jumped into a frozen river and drown while attempting to evade arrest, because he’s black and therefore LPD is racist.

Welcome to Massachusetts. Where you can shoot an 8 year old girl and only spend a couple years in prison before being released, getting a gun, posting pictures of your gun on Facebook, and then endangering law abiding citizens who can’t get a gun or carry a concealed weapon to protect themselves.


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