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Man Wanted For Murdering Worcester Woman Was Released On $1500 Bail By Judge After Crack Fueled Christmas Eve Rape And Kidnapping With Knife


The Worcester Police are looking for a man named Thomas Bergstrom in connection with a stabbing death of a woman on Lapierre Street yesterday.


Thomas Bergstrom is your far from your typical Worcester scumbag.

In January he was in front of Judge Michael Allard-Madaus facing charges of aggravated rape, kidnapping, and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (knife).

Judge Allard-Madaus had the chance to keep this violent and dangerous felon behind bars with substantial bail, but instead gave him the ratchet discount because, Massachusetts. In doing so he directly endangered every woman this man encountered, and now a woman is dead because of him. The most dangerous threat facing our society isn’t guns or global warming, it’s activist judges who don’t believe in putting criminals behind bars.

Allard-Madaus was appointed by Deval Patrick, whose reign of terror continues to have long lasting consequences. Give Judge Michael Allard-Madaus a Google and you’ll see that he gets lots of positive media coverage over his compassionate style of judicial activism, by doing his best to keep drug addicts out of prison.

As it turns out Thomas Bergstrom is a self-admitted crackhead, which is why the judge probably felt bad for him. His first alleged rape was of a prostitute who he sexually assaulted on Christmas Eve right before midnight, and his lawyer is trying to get him out of it by arguing that he was too high on crack and/or cocaine to speak with the police without a lawyer present. The report is pretty graphic.

“I was under the influence of crack at the time.”

Somehow this is a legitimate defense for rape and kidnapping in Massachusetts. He told her he was going to pay her $200, then put a knife to her and made her perform oral sex, and threatened to kill her when she couldn’t give him an erection. Because that was her fault evidently.

His lawyer argued that his interview with the police should be suppressed because he was high on cocaine.

Cocaine and crack are different drugs. You can be high on cocaine, submit to a police interview, and know exactly what’s going on. It’s not heroin or meth.

Remarkably, in spite of the serious charges he was still facing, Bergstrom was able to obtain employment as a PCA.

Evidently Tempus Unlimited in Stoughton will hire pretty much anyone, including alleged violent Christmas rapists. This company let this animal around patients with cerebral freaking palsy and thought nothing of it.

This is what happens in a state where “criminal justice reform” is a top priority. People who live in affluent, safe communities get the idea in their head that criminals are all good people who deserve multiple chances to turn their lives around. They think this because they’ve never been around these kinds of people and don’t understand how they operate. It’s all about making themselves feel better, and now a woman is dead because this is the kind of society they want to live in.


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