Man Wearing Mask And Gloves On Relieves Himself In Line At Milford RMV


We’ve all dealt with RMV lines before, but they’re especially tedious now thanks to social distancing. One man outside of the Milford RMV recently had to relieve himself but didn’t want to lose his place in line, so he got creative.

That outfit is everything.

It was in the high 50’s yesterday and this man simply could not wait to bust out the wife beater and head on down to the DMV.

And of course he tucked it into his blue cargo shorts which he soaked through and leaked onto his glorious Tevas.

It actually appears as if the engine oil started leaking, at which point he said “might as well whip it out and finish.”

If this doesn’t sum up the ridiculousness of the lockdown then I don’t know does. The man is wearing gloves and a mask, presumably because he’s scared of getting or transmitting a disease. He then proceeds to spread urine on the ground where the next person in line will step in it and almost certainly obtain particles of the commie cold, if in fact he is a carrier.

But at least he’s wearing a mask. That’s what’s really important. Thank you for keeping us safe sir.


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