Man Who Claimed To Be Former Marine And Showed Up To Thank Josh Abrams And Joe Hart Is Tim Wazal From Winchendon


Last night I expressed an interest in finding out the identity of the man who approached Josh Abrams and Joe Hart outside of Worcester Courthouse, and thanked them for their hard work in harassing police officers and other functional adults with jobs.

I vowed to find out who tangerine man was. The entire thing looked staged and made no sense. He just randomly happened to be working in downtown Worcester when he saw these two losers who he follows on YouTube, and decided he would approach them, tell them his life story as a “former marine” who “studied law,” and went to school to become a police officer before deciding not to because he suddenly believed all cops were pigs?

Something didn’t seem right, and I certainly wouldn’t put it paste these two to stage it.

“It’s guys like you that are gonna make a difference.”

“I served in the marines, I took my oath, I did my thing.”

I’ve never heard a marine ever refer to themselves as a former marine. I also find it hard to believe that anyone who served their country would be naive enough to think that he owes a debt of gratitude to two perpetually unemployed troglodytes, one of whom is a career criminal.

As soon as he left Hart said, “We have support on the streets.”

The timing was just too perfect. They’re trying to make it seem like wherever they go people are thanking them for being losers, and then right on cue tangerine man shows up and thanks Josh and Joe for their service? Sounds legit.

Tangerine man’s name is Tim Wazal, and he’s from Winchendon, AKA Winchentucky. He also may know karate, and is skilled with a hatchet in case his home gets invaded by Seminole warriors.

As you can imagine, he’s extremely creepy.

And our sources tell us he’s infamous for messaging random women on Facebook. One of those.

Is he really a marine? His Facebook page definitely has a marine theme to it.

I suppose that looks like him. He posted this picture too.

If that wasn’t his Dad, and he hadn’t served in the marines, then that would mean that all of these people are in on it too.

So a cursory glance looks like he’s being forthright about his service, but something just seems off about this guy because the marines is the first thing he mentions. Are you a former marine dude?

I had no idea.

He also appears to be a Dad based on this picture. And unlike the unemployed dregs he claims to admire, he doesn’t seem to have many Google trophies. His story about working down the street might be legit, considering his pants were covered in paint and he’s got a website advertising himself as a painter.

Anyway, if you know anything more about this gentlemen, his history, and his relationship with Josh and Joe, feel free to email me at [email protected], or message one of our Facebook pages.


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