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Man Who Filmed Syracuse Police Detaining 8 Year Old Serial Larcenist Was Arrested For Exposing Himself To Strangers, Boy’s Father Blames Police Despite Body Cam Footage Exonerating Them


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Ben Crump (the scamming BLM attorney who helped fuel the Mikayla Miller lynching lie), Shaun “Talcum X” King, and other race baiting grifters have been sharing a video all week of Syracuse Police Officers detaining a crying 8 year old cisgender boy of color who allegedly stole a bag of Doritos from a store. The video was filmed by a man named Kenneth Jackson who swore at and berated officers while they detained the child. The unnamed boy was later driven home to his father’s house.


Soon the incident was headline news, and was being shared by virtue signaling turds on social media, and highlighted on mainstream media platforms as well.


I saw this during the week and immediately knew there had to be more to the story, because there always is when it involves a white cop, a black kid, a cellphone video, and a media narrative. These people exist to fuel the narrative that police are racist, bloodthirsty villains looking to beat up black kids for fun. It’s why the media is the enemy of the people, not the police.

But it works, because they know their target audience, and they know that dumb people will blindly believe what they’re selling.

The Capitol rioters are spending years in jail after sitting in solitary confinement for months, some for the crime of walking into an open building. Kyle Rittenhouse defended himself from looting pedophiles and was acquitted. Dylan Roof surrendered peacefully and was sentenced to death, but had to be fed before he’s executed. Besides that these are great analogies.

This boy is so well known to the police at the age of 8 that they immediately recognized him on their latest larceny call. He was brought home to his parents instead of being arrested, despite the fact that he resisted and is clearly on a path to a lifetime filled with incarceration and broken dreams. Eight year olds who routinely get in trouble with the police turn into 15 year olds who do this.

The people who fall for this stuff are just so stupid it hurts to even attempt to respond to anything they say. In a sane and just world they would not be allowed to vote because the damage they are doing to our country by consuming information in this manner and then casting their ballot based on their assessment, will take centuries to undo. But Democrats like Governor Kathy Hochul recognize that dumb people like this are an essential part of their voting base, so when they see viral videos like this they are duty bound to jump to conclusions as well.


This is the boy’s father Anthony Weah.

He apparently lets his feral children roam freely in this seedy, likely drug filled neighborhood, where they steal from store owners and frequently interact with police. In a sane world he would be the one being shamed for being such a negligent parent.

Initially Weah thanked police officers for bringing home his sons and had no complaints about what had transpired. But then he logged onto Facebook and saw that he was actually supposed to be outraged and he changed his tune.

Anthony Weah was running an errand Sunday when he got a call from Syracuse police. Officers were at his house with his three sons. The boys were accused of stealing chips from a store, he says he was told. Weah headed home. The police officers were friendly at the house and didn’t press charges or make them pay for the chips, Weah said. Later, Weah saw what thousands have seen: A video of his 8-year-old son sobbing and being put into a police car over that same bag of Doritos.

In the video, viewed by 1.3 million on Twitter, a Syracuse police officer is holding the boy from behind and walking him to a marked police vehicle. Bystanders, including the man who recorded the incident, are shouting at police to let the child go.

File a complaint? For what? Being a taxpayer funded Uber for your free ranger children? We should be allowed to file a complaint against Anthony Weah for doing such a horrible job parenting. Thanks to his failures he has contributed three kids who will likely grow up to be criminals, who we will then pay for with our tax dollars if they don’t rob us first.

“Why would the police treat that child like that?” Weah asked, who said he wants to file a complaint against the police. “Over a $3 bag of chips.”

They put him in a police car and delivered him to you. They acted as the parent that you never were.

Weah, who is from Ethiopia, acknowledges what his son did was wrong. But he also takes issue with the way the officers handled the incident, which is now under review by the police department.

“The policeman, they are not children,” Weah said. “They are not boys, they’re men.”

Oh good, an Ethiopian immigrant who came to this country, reproduced, enjoyed the fruits of our freedom, and immediately started complaining about how horrible it is here.

Dad also had praise for Kenneth Jackson.

Weah said he is grateful Kenneth Jackson was there. Jackson, 37, was running his own errands Sunday when he saw the police had pulled someone off a bicycle. Jackson stopped and began recording.

At first, Jackson said, he didn’t realize it was a kid.

“He got snatched off that bike. The bike hit the ground and chips went everywhere,” Jackson said.

Jackson asked what the police were doing. “You can guess what I’m doing,” the officer holding the boy responded. Another officer told Jackson the boy had been stealing. What didn’t make sense to Jackson, he said, was the officers’ response.

“It was just beyond me that they were actually treating this baby like this,” he said.

The scene grew tense fast. The boy was wailing. Another boy said it “wasn’t him.”

And the adults — the officers and Jackson — began shouting at each other. Jackson asked the police if they knew the parents and he offered to pay for the chips.

The scene grew tense because some jagoff with an iPhone was by yelling at the police, demanding they let go of the kid, rushing to judgement, and using foul language. An adult in that situation would’ve comforted the brother who was trying to prevent the police from detaining the 8 year old, but Kenneth Jackson isn’t an adult, as you can see by the way he dresses.

He understands as much about policing as he does about the function of a belt, but Anthony Weah was singing his praises.

“He was standing up for them,” Weah said.

In fairness, he paid more attention to Weah’s kid than Weah did. But personally I’d rather my kids be in the hands of the police than I would around a guy who was arrested less than 2 years ago for Public Lewdness for exposing himself in public after luring people over to his vehicle and showing them his womb broom. He was briefly wanted and citizens were encouraged to use caution around him.



This is the man that Anthony Weah was grateful to be around his children.

Now Dad is complaining that his son is being treated like the criminal that he already is.

He wants officers to be held accountable for doing their job.

Anthony Weah is the one who should be held accountable for being such a disgraceful father. The cops gave his miscreant spawn a free ride home with his bike and used their discretion not to charge him, even though he’s a repeat criminal. In a sane world they’d be commended, not vilified.

Dad also admits that his son gets into trouble all the time, but instead of holding his son responsible and teaching him discipline he’s blaming the cops.

We don’t have a policing or systemic racism problem in America. We have a parenting problem in America. Kids grow up to adults who believe actions don’t have consequences because they’ve been raised to believe that nothing is their fault. When they get caught doing something bad they immediately blame the people holding them accountable and pretend to be victims. The media and politicians give them a list of excuses they can use to avoid personal responsibility.

Yesterday body cam footage was released that completely exonerated the cops.


To review, when the officers first get there they see the two brothers try to hide the 2 bags of Doritos they stole. They are immediately recognized by the cop who asks them, “didn’t we just go through this, you were crying in the backseat of my car” because they’ve done this before. Things were completely fine until Kenneth Jackson started yelling and swearing at the police to let the kid go. At that point the kid realized he could play the victim, so he yelled “it wasn’t me,” even though we all just saw him do it, and he started hysterically crying. This prompted the kid’s brother to try to pull him away from police, because none of these semen demons understand consequences.

That kid knows exactly what he’s doing. And any parent who lets their 8 year old kid ride around a neighborhood that looks like this is a bottom tenth percentile parent.

Then MC Peep Show yelled at the cops to call a Sergeant because “you work for me,” even though he’s more likely to have filled out a PPP loan application than he has a W2.

Meanwhile the boy sees all this going on and knows that if he screams and hollers it will incite the ghetto muppets even more.

After that they return the boy to his father and explain to him that they catch his kids robbing stores like this every day. Dad tells the police that he wants to beat his kids but in this country he’s not allowed to, and he’s tired.

The kids have also been going around with tasers, terrorizing other kids in the neighborhood.

You would think that after all this the Dad would ground his kids in order to make them understand consequences and keep them out of trouble. But instead he let them do whatever they want and last night the 8 year old had the cops called on him again for allegedly robbing another kid of his bike at knifepoint.

So basically Dad let his out of control child roam the streets again to terrorize other people while he sat at home and complained about how the police were mean for holding his child accountable.

Meanwhile, Kenneth Jackson is taking the week off from exposing himself to strangers in order to soak up the Facebook clout and gin up animosity towards police officers who did their job well.

In a crazy twist of events he’s also a Trump supporter.

“This country needs order.”

He’s right, this country does need order. People like him should keep their dick in their pants and shouldn’t undermine police while they’re doing their jobs, and parents like Anthony Weah should raise their kids properly instead of blaming police officers who are tasked with cleaning up his mess.



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