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Man Who Killed Sutton Jogger In Hit And Run Was Employed As A Mirra Company Truck Driver Despite Recent Charge For Leaving Scene Of Property Damage


A 51 year old jogger was killed in a hit and run in Sutton on Wednesday, and today police arrested 39 year old Shane A. Newman of Sutton. Newman was in Worcester Court last month facing charges of leaving the scene of property damage accident and got a continuance without a finding for three months, which is basically nothing. Last year he was arrested for filing a false police report of motor vehicle theft, and when he was a 17 year in Millbury he was arrested for leaving the scene of an accident after property damage and driving a recreational vehicle on a public way.

I expected nothing less from someone named Shane.

However, despite all of these driving infractions, he still maintained employment as a truck driver for Mirra Company out of Georgetown.

Why do these companies allow these problematic drivers to continue working for them? Why doesn’t the RMV automatically revoke your CDL if you get charged with leaving the scene of property damage? If you can’t be trusted behind the wheel of a car then why would we trust you behind the wheel of a truck? Were his infractions sitting in a box somewhere in Quincy too?

Accidentally hitting a pedestrian and causing their death is one of my worst nightmares. I can’t imagine the sense of panic that takes over when something like that happens, and I get why some people’s initial instinct would be to flee. But that’s where you conscious has to take over. Leaving someone there to die like that, alone, means you have no soul. What if this poor guy could’ve been saved? Didn’t matter to Shane. The only thing he cared about was not getting in trouble.

Newsflash – the cops are going to find you anyway. Especially when you live three miles from there. Your Cadillac is covered in evidence, and the cops are going to put word out to all the body shops in the area to be on the lookout for you. Some guy in Palmer tried burying his truck a couple years ago, but they found it. Accidents happen, and as long as you weren’t texting or driving drunk you’re not going to go to jail. Your character is tested in a situation like that and Shane turned out to be a Shane. You can take a Millbury boy and move him to Sutton, but he’s still Millbury at heart.

Meanwhile, Mirra Company has a whole thing on their website about how safety is a priority for their drivers. But I guess when they smash into things off the clock it doesn’t affect their employment status with this particular company. Once again, the courts and the RMV have failed us, and someone’s dead because of it. Shameful.


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