Man Who Painted Harley-Davidson Sign Regularly Sells Trademarked Logos For “Business,” Miss Worcester Diner Owned By Family Full Of Criminals


Tony Freitas is a self-described artist from Worcester who drew the Harley-Davidson logo on the Miss Worcester Diner that has caused so much controversy. He claims that he quit his job as a full time boiler room salesman to start his own company called “Dig-Outz” that seems to mostly be him using other company’s trademarked logos on cornhole sets that he charges close to $300 for.

There doesn’t seem to be any company registered under the name Dig-outz in Massachusetts, nor is there any business registered in his name.

He openly sells products using logos of brands he doesn’t own and doesn’t have a license to use, and sees nothing wrong with it.

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The whole controversy with Miss Worcester Diner (read about it here) is largely because of the horrible legal advice he’s offering his friend Kim Kniskern. He believes that since he sells things with other people’s trademarked logos without a license, everyone else should be able to as well. Here’s what a source tells us:

The contracted artist, I believe, knew the logo was trademarked. He and his ex-partner got the ex-partner’s boss in a similar situation with HD. He continues to rip people off , and freely uses trademarked logos etc to make money while the business owners get stuck with the legalities. The first thing he did in this case was “ohh im on the news.” By the way HD. Heres another time I infringed on HD. Threw another person under the bus.”

Tony Freitas does seem to be soaking in the attention he’s got from creating this controversy.

And he’s a very tough, rugged man, so he naturally white-knighted, and asked Kim who he had to assault when he heard there was a problem.

He might be the only man in America who could go toe to toe with Landon Steele and live to talk about it.

Kim Kniskern appears to be listening to his really bad advice about copyright.

“It was a private business transaction done on private property.”

This is not excuse to violate copyright law.

“I deal with copyright laws all day every day.”

No, you ignore copyright laws all day every day and then create controversy for people you supposedly care about because naive people like Kim Kniskern listen to you.

Listen to this interview he did on Spectrum News:

“When someone commissions me to do something and it’s something that’s a “licensed logo,” I’m not really concerned about copyright because I’m not selling…I don’t believe it’s copyright infringement at that point because I’m not selling t-shirts or stickers or making a profit off of it. This is a tribute to Harley-Davidson.”

He’s not concerned about it, therefore it’s legal. After all, he’s not selling anything, right?

I messaged him to see if he wanted to come on the live show, since he’s clearly not shy, and during our conversation I quickly realized that he’s even dumber than he appears.

Just to review.

  • He can use trademarked logos because there is a “loophole with artwork and hand made goods.”
  • He doesn’t have a link to that loophole, but he’s got a screenshot of a comment on his Facebook page.
  • There’s something called the “one and done clause” that he can’t seem to find that makes this illegal practice legal.
  • He’s selling them “privately” by advertising them on Facebook where the public can see.
  • He’s going to get me for slander as soon as he looks into the definition of slander, while simultaneously thanking me for the free press
  • It’s all legal because he’s not using a machine or printing press, even though he posts pictures of the machines he uses on Facebook

His story checks out.

Business is going so well that he’s moving to a 5,000 square foot facility.

Except, he doesn’t have a registered business with the Secretary of State’s office.

He’s also profiting off of cancer.

“I gave her a good price.”

You’re not virtuous if you’re profiting off of cancer by selling them to a charitable cause.

He knows what he’s doing is legal because a guy named Justin on his Facebook page said it was. He also said that I’m guilty of deformation for pointing all of this out.

Justin Nolan is a brilliant legal mind whose opinions should be taken seriously.

Very seriously.

Justin is still upset that we didn’t write about the very legitimate conspiracy theory he messaged us about, involving DCF and the governor’s council plotting to steal his crotch fruits.

Then there was this post.

Ya see Tony, they asked her permission to use her diner on their t-shirts. She didn’t ask Harley’s permission. That’s the difference. You might think you proved some sort of point here, but it was actually one of the greatest self owns of all time.

He was and wasn’t happy at the same time about being mentioned on the Live show.

“I’m a rogue artist….That’s bad ass.”

No, it’s not. You’re a grown man running an unlicensed business, stealing other people’s work and profiting off of it.

“Tell me I can’t do something, guess what? I’m gonna do it even bigger, better, and louder.”

We got ourselves a hardo!

“I can use any logo, any name, any image, anyone’s likeness.”

No, you can’t.

“Laws are made to be broken.”

No, they’re not.

This is who Kim Kniskern is taking legal advice from. So yesterday she went to the gym and saw a guy with a Red Sox tattoo and posted this:

No, genius, he doesn’t need their permission because his leg is not a commercial business.

When you surround yourself with stupid people, you’re gonna get a lot of stupid advice.

They sure are obsessed with who wrote the letter, when they should probably be more worried about being sued. Just sayin.

This guy Mickey Giuseppe III is going to slap me.

I’m frightened.

Tony Freitas’ Facebook friends agree with him, so that’s all he needed to hear. They have really insightful things to add to the conversation, like, “they hate us cuz they ain’t us,” “f*** the haters,”

“Pencil d***,” and “he has a p***y name.”

“What a piece of jizz,” and “f*** Turtleboy.”

Brian Kniskern is the son of Kim Kniskern, and really seems to hate Turtleboy.

Which is fine by me because Brian Kniskern is a lifetime criminal, and I like to think our blog appeals to those of us how choose to obey the law. He has more Google trophies than I can count, including strangulation, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, witness/juror/police officer/court official intimidation, threatening to murder…

Larceny, threats, assault, harassment – you name it. He’s been doing it and getting charged for it since 2001.

It runs in the family.

Joe Kniskern, who took over the family business, never paid $8,000 he owed in rent.

Kim has been charged with driving without a license and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

The now defunct family owned business BKJ Paving was no stranger to small claims and civil actions either.

I’m shocked that Harley-Davidson wouldn’t want to be associated with a Worcester gypsy clan using their trademark without permission. What could possibly go wrong?


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