Man Who Stole From New Hampshire Gun Store Identified As Manchester’s Keegan Macrae, Previously Arrested For 35 Car Break Ins, Stalking UPS Trucks


Over the weekend a gun shop in Hookset, NH called Shooters Outpost & Firearms Museum posted a video of some douche whistle stealing something from their store.

They didn’t get the best look at him but within a short period of time multiple people had identified the slugpump as Keegan Macrae, AKA Keegan Diamond from Manchester. And he is exactly as you imagined a thief named Keegan Diamond from Manchester would be.





The hat. Every. Single. Time.

Ironically he’s a former security guard too.

And somehow 28,000 people find this lightly toasted slice of wonder bread interesting enough to follow on Facebook.


I’m as confused as you are, but his posts get thousands of likes, mostly from women, but almost no comments.


Willy Wangsta also has a colorful history with breaking the law. In 2019 he was arrested with breaking into not one, not two, but 35 cars in Tewksbury, including one belonging to a TPD Lieutenant whose ID he stole.


And back in 2015 him and his girlfriend had a bad habit of following around UPS trucks in order to steal packages from homes. When they finally got caught his own mother wouldn’t bail him out of jail because he’s such a junkie disgrace.

During their arraignment on Wednesday in Haverhill District Court, Macrae’s defense lawyer, William Early, said Mccrae’s mother had considered posting bail after her son’s arrest on Tuesday, but decided not to because of his involvement with drugs. Early said Macrae’s mother did not want her son released back into the community.

Then again, if this were my kid I’d probably be ashamed too.


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