Poor Behavior

Manchester Birth Mother Who Inflicted Years Of Trauma On Son Before Losing Custody Blames Adopted Bedford Parents After Teen Runs Away From Home


Police in Bedford NH posted last week about a missing 17 year old boy named Thaddaeus Cyr who was last seen on February 25. 


The young man’s adopted mother Abi commented underneath the post about how her son has a history of trauma and mental health needs which require care and support.

Then out of nowhere two ghetto guppies named Karma Torres and Brittany London showed up and began accusing her of being a bad mother because the kid ran away from home.

This is what we’re dealing with here.

Grown women who use dog filters. Nuff said.

What they failed to initially point out was that “Karma” Torres is the egg donor to the missing boy, but lost custody of him almost a decade ago because the only thing people like her lose faster than their kids is their dignity. The boy’s mental health and trauma issues almost certainly stem from his youth living with her, and 8 years of living with a normal family won’t always cure that.

But Karma wasn’t ashamed to admit that she failed this child so badly, as she announced to the world that she was his mother in the comments.

No, you USED to be his mother. Now you’re just a ratchet in the Facebook comments section making a fool of yourself.

Notice that the woman who responded to her goes by Lynn Ann. Here real name is Lyndsey Phaneuf, and she’s probably the last person who should be judging anyone else’s parenting skills since she has previously appeared on Turtleboy as well. Lyndsey is a supporter of a well known North Attleborough mother called Katherine Peter who lost 2 of her children permanently due to years of neglect and abuse. Last March she called my children’s elementary school in Holden to alert them that my daughter had COVID 6 months prior in September.

She also financially exploited the death of Harmony Montgomery by running unregulated raffles. Perhaps instead of judging the parenting skills of others Lyndsey should stick to something she’s good at, like finishing second place in pie eating contests.

Anyway, Karma was pretty relentless in the comments, and you could tell she NEEDED ANSWERS because she turned on the CAPS LOCK.

Here’s an answer – this human being who emerged from the baby cannon you call a womb is trying to  overcome the years of damage you did to him. He has no intention of reaching out to you because he likely knows what a useless bag of crusted panties you are.

She apparently has another child who she has no contact with, and believes that he ran away to be with him.

She wrongly believes that the boy is running away to be with her, because she’s such a good parent.

She also wrongly believes that this boy (who is not her son) running away from home is confirmation that he wants to be with her in 10 months when he turns 18. Her ghetto guppie friend confirmed that she was correct.

Brittany reassured her that it was a shitty system because this degenerate can’t be around the child she refused to take care of earlier in his life.

Yes, the system is shitty pretty, but not for the reasons you think. The problem is that too often people like Karma are allowed to keep their kids and it ends in disaster. This time they at least got it right, but the damage was already done thanks to lots of failed parenting in his formative years.

Anyway, Karma isn’t really doing anything to help because she’s useless and has nothing to do with this young man any longer. But you can tell she really cares by looking at her Facebook page and seeing her reminisce about what CO’s said to her in jail, work on her rap career, share memes, and attempt to sound like some sort of enlightened and rational member of society.

Imagine calling this Mom?

I hope someone who knows where this kid is calls the Bedford Police before Karma gets ahold of him and inflicts more damage than she has already.


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