Manchester Mother Arrested For Sending 3 Year Old To Daycare In Lyft And Neglecting 3 Month Old Was Arrested In 2016 For Killing 3 Week Old Daughter


This is Stephanie Goddu, AKA Stephanie Camelo from Manchester.

Stephanie is a mother of three who had an interesting weekend, seeing as she was arrested after forgetting to pick up two of her children at school, leaving her urine soaked three month old too close to the radiator, going on the run from the cops, barricading herself in her apartment, and previously sending her three year old to daycare in a Lyft.

Manchester police have arrested Stephanie Goddu, 35, of Manchester and charged her with endangerment of the welfare of a child. Police said Friday they found Goddu at her residence in Manchester.

“She initially refused to comply and barricaded herself in her apartment,” a report stated. “After a short time, Goddu did come out and was taken into custody.”

The investigation into Goddu began Wednesday when officers were notified that Goddu’s two young children had not been picked up from daycare at Southern NH Services. Employees could not make contact with Goddu by phone, police said. Police were told that Goddu also had a 3-month-old infant.

Manchester officers responded to Goddu’s home to check on her and the baby. Goddu appeared “incoherent and disoriented” and had trouble answering questions according to police.

“The baby was found to be strapped to an infant carrier seat, and was wearing extremely warm clothing and a blanket,” Heather Hamel, a department spokeswoman said. “The carrier was not more than 6 feet away from a heater and there was concern that the child could overheat. The child was also found to be covered in urine.”

Through their investigation, police also learned that on Monday, Goddu had hired a Lyft driver to take her 3-year-old to daycare. The child arrived safely but was alone in the vehicle.

Hamel added, “Both the condition of the infant and the unsupervised ride to daycare were cause for police to charge Goddu with two counts of Child Endangerment. Police say Goddu did not initially surrender, she was also charged with Resisting Arrest.”

I think we can all agree that this junkapotamus is a hot mess who shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near her kids for the rest of her life. But allow me to ask the question everyone reading this is asking…..

How in the name of Ganesh did the Lyft drive not realize something was off when he picked up a 3 year old and drives her to daycare? Was it the kid Chappele saw selling weed on the corner?

I can’t imagine that happens a lot. I have a three year. It cries a lot and doesn’t like being separated from Mom around strangers. The fact that this child was willing to get into a Lyft by itself is testament to just how grizzled this woman’s children are in order to survive. Somehow the Lyft driver didn’t think this was odd and went on to pick up his next passenger instead of, I dunno, calling the cops?

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I wonder who could’ve seen this coming?

It’s not like there were any signs. Except for that time in 2016 when she was arrested for killing her three week old baby.

Stephanie Camelo, 30, is charged with two counts of endangering the welfare of a child and one count of reckless conduct. The charges stem from an investigation into the death of Camelo’s infant child, who was found dead inside her apartment last fall. Court documents indicate Camelo regularly left her 3-week-old daughter in the care of her other daughter, who is 8 years old. Camelo turned herself in to police on April 23 after missing an initial bail hearing.

Police said in court documents that the 8-year-old girl was often tasked with feeding and changing the infant and often had to take care of the baby overnight. The 3-week-old girl was found dead in Camelo’s Kimball Street apartment on Oct. 30. Investigators said the reckless conduct charge stems from allegations that Camelo placed a blanket over the infant’s face on three occasions.

“We are obviously extremely concerned by the allegations in front of you today,” Manchester police prosecutor Carrissa Pelletier told a judge Friday. “As you’re aware from the affidavit, it appears she failed to provide duty of care for her minor children. This is a significant neglect to involve excessive drinking and tripping with an infant in her arms, causing injury.”

Prosecutors also said that Camelo stayed inside her apartment for an hour and failed to surrender to police when they went to arrest her Thursday. The door eventually was knocked down. Bail was set at $2,000. Neighbors said they aren’t surprised and wondered what took so long for Camelo to call 911.

“(You’re) having your 8-year-old watch your kid, then your kid ends up dying, somebody needs to step up and somebody needs to do something,” Mike Vinagro said.


How is this monster still free? What junkie is so hopped up on Viagara that he keeps impregnating this walking fertility factory? And why is child protective services allowing a woman who killed her three week old and has gotten arrested a bunch of times since, to keep not one, not two, but three more kids she’s spawned since then? I feel like getting arrested for killing your child should be automatic confiscation of any subsequent raw dog participation trophies by the state upon birth. We can’t stop these people from making poor life decisions in regards to their sex life, but we can take steps to protect these children from imminent death once they’re born.

No matter what state you’re in it seems like the agency in charge of protecting children always does the exact opposite of that. If you’re keeping track at home, she currently has at least 3 kids living with her, the baby who died 5 years ago, and what appears to be two older girls in her Facebook pictures. That’s 6 kids! Shockingly Jewfro Jenkins doesn’t appear to be around anymore.

You’d think that her family would urge her to get her tubes tied, but instead they celebrated every time she got knocked up, as if it was something to be optimistic about instead of a tragedy waiting to happen.

That’s the one that died. Good thing the people she trusts the most seem to be giving her the impression that firing another kid out of the baby cannon was a good thing.

Oh, and did I mention that she’s a nursing assistant?

What could possibly go wrong?


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