Mansfield Antifa Teacher Cries During Meeting While Friend Blames Turtleboy For Putting Her Life In Danger By Blogging About Her Deplorable Public Behavior


Mansfield Antifa teacher Jill Sheridan is still at it, weeks after she became TB famous for screaming at children and disrupting a family event in Bridgewater with her armed friends who were arrested for assaulting police officers. Earlier this week she spoke at a Board of Selectmen meeting demanding to know why the town allowed a peaceful gathering of law abiding citizens to take place. She starts talking at around the 1:58 mark and another woman who really doesn’t like TB starts defending her at the 2:06 mark.

Well, that was quite the performance. The fake tears when the other woman was whining about Turtleboy was a nice touch too.

This is a totally stable person and not an attention seeking psychopath. Not at all. My favorite part was every time she pulled her hand away and you could see her smiling. Shakespearean.

Just a reminder, this woman showed up to a family event with these guys

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with intention of disrupting it and drawing attention to herself

she was seen on video thrusting herself into strangers

harassing children

and berating police officers…..without a mask on!!!

In this video you can see her in background in the middle of the scrum when the armed Antifa were arrested for assaulting cops. But yea, she’s a real victim here.

People like her have to pretend to cry and make up lies because they’re not really victims, they just want to be.

“We actually had a white nationalist rally in town that was police supported.”

“We just funded a white nationalist rally so maybe that’s a more immediate concern.”

No it wasn’t.

“I want to help you hold people accountable”

The only person who needs to be held accountable is you. You’re lucky to still have your job, and you should’ve been fired.

“My family has had to flee our home”

No you didn’t.

“I did tell people that this was happening, I told you there were white nationalists coming to town with affiliations to proud boys, oath keepers, alt right media personalities. And I’m targeted as a school teacher and literally don’t feel safe in my home, and nobody has addressed that. I emailed the world.”

You weren’t targeted, you sought out attention and received it. No one emailed you back because there was nothing to address.

“I want safety for myself so I can go to sleep tonight and not feel like I have to sleep in my living room. I don’t feel safe there. Four kids, public school teachers, just a Mom.”

You’re not just a Mom with 4 kids. You’re a grown woman who hangs out with 20 year old armed thugs and shows up to family events for the sole purpose of disrupting.

“Trying to make it sound like the counter protesters were like these Antifa, fascists, leftists. You name it, I’ve been called it. And it’s disgusting and it’s not true.”

Well, yea. They wore Antifa hats, brought guns, and assaulted cops.

“That’s not acceptable to me, my safety is at risk, and I’m being threatened on a daily basis.”

No you’re not.

Then this woman spoke.

Cleonie Mainvielle was there to fight for Jill’s life, which is definitely hanging in the balance because of the Turtleboy gang.

“What has happened to Jill can happen to any one of us. And there’s this group called Turtleboy, and that is a huge fear of mine in my advocacy to promote diversity, inclusion, and equity. And to feel that I cannot speak out against this injustices or work in a certain way to elevate the voices of those that are marginalized is a true concern, a true fear. And she’s being targeted by this group and not having those questions addressed sends a clear message to any of us in the social justice realm that we cannot find comfort or protection from our town. This group has targeted other social justice organizations that I work with. It’s happened in Taunton, Easton, and here we’re having it again.”

“It is a real and true fear. If you type in Jill’s name it is blasted everywhere, her address, her pictures, her family, and it could be any one of us.”

Yea, Turtleboy is the problem here for reporting on the deplorable public behavior of a school teacher. Not the teacher herself. Sure thing lady.

These people are the most dishonest people in the world. I didn’t “target” anyone in Taunton. I wrote a blog about how these activists were trying to dishonor a Taunton cop who died from COVID by forcing the school to take down a thin blue line painting that kids drew outside the resource officer’s office. I’m not the bad guy in that situation – you are. I’m also not the one who showed up with Antifa at a family event and acted like a rabid animal. Jill Sheridan did that. She’s not the least bit scared, and if she was she’d stop intentionally putting herself in the public spotlight.

And now I’ll just enjoy watching her fake cry while I laugh at it and enjoy the rest of my weekend.



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