Marlborough Man Caught Trying To Solicit Sex From 14 Year Old Boy Doesn’t Think It’s A Big Deal, Says It’s OK Because Rich People Buy Kids All The Time


Update: We have identified the man in the video. Click here to read about him.

The Predator Poachers of Massachusetts were in Marlborough today to meet up with a man named Steve, who had been communicating with an associate of theirs who was pretending to be a 14 year old boy. This predator’s nonchalant reaction to getting caught in an underage sex sting is the creepiest part about the whole video, which begins at the 16 minute mark.

Again, is it too much to ask for these pedophiles to get dressed up just a little bit?

If you wanted to impress a woman (or a man) who you had never met in person, but who you would like to have sexual intercourse with, why would you choose to wear a shirt that makes it look like you’re going to play paintball? I understand that these are sick people, but is it too much to ask for them to put a little effort into their appearance? Romance is dead in the pedophile community.

I’ve never seen a reaction like that before. Usually they run away, act nervous, or beg them not to post it on the Internet. But this guy just sat there ripping butts and carrying on in casual conversation, as if he wasn’t expecting to meet a 14 year old boy for a pegging.

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That man loves banging kids, and thinks nothing of it.

Some highlights from this catch:

  • He thought he was there to meet a 14 year old boy named Mikey
  • He rationalized it at first by saying, “There’s rich people out there buying people all the time. Not that it’s right. Know what I mean?” Because that’s what rich people do. They buy sex slaves. So why should a regular guy be vilified for doing the same thing?
  • He sent the imaginary boy dick pics
  • He rationalized it a second time by saying, “You can’t help who you’re attracted to. It’s just one of those things.” As if being attracted to kids and actively trying to have sex with them is the same thing.
  • He offered to buy the kid alcohol and molly
  • He admitted to having sex with other kids, but didn’t think it was a big deal because the kid was 15 and he was 22
  • When asked how they knew that he wouldn’t do it again he said, “”You don’t.” Because that guy has no intention whatsoever of not banging kids moving forward.
  • He admitted that he’s out on probation for either an alcohol or driving related crime
  • He attempted to rationalize it a third time by saying to the pedo poacher, “I think it’s more crazy what you’re doing. I didn’t force this kid to be here.” As if the guy casually trying to have sex with kids at 2 PM on a Wednesday during a pandemic is the normal one, and the guy exposing him is the weirdo. As if consent from a 14 year old is real consent.
  • When he was asked if he would seek help or treatment his answer was, “I gotta be honest, I don’t know.” Translation – no he will not, because that would interfere with having sex with kids.
  • He rationalized pedophilia in general by saying, “That’s what they’re attracted to. They don’t have any real ill or harm.” So as long as the pedophiles don’t mean any harm, it’s all good. After all, he’s just trying to have an orgasm, and he didn’t mean to cause long lasting psychological and physical damage to a child.
  • To make matters worse he then described what would’ve happened in a failed attempt to show that it wasn’t so bad, “You don’t know what would’ve happened. I can tell you what would’ve happened. We would’ve smoked, we might’ve kissed or done something, ya know. But, I don’t have condoms on or nothing. We probably would’ve as time went on as far as sex.”

Oh good, he didn’t have condoms. That’s way better. And they probably weren’t going to have sex this time around, because that would happen later on down the road. Yes, that’s way better.

An unintended side effect of these videos is that now everyone wants to be a pedo poacher. This is the guy who apparently had been messaging and pretending to be a 14 year old boy.

I assume he follows the pedo poachers on YouTube, figured he could do it too, and then got in contact with them to catch “Steve.” That does worry me a little bit, as do posts like this.

Here we go…..

I’d say “leave it up to the experts,” but then again, the pedo poachers aren’t expert either. This is turning into a copycat vigilante thing and I can envision many problems popping up down the road.

However, the fact that he’s now working with the police beforehand is very promising. This is exactly what he should be doing more of if he wants to be legit and keep doing this. Tell the cops where you’re doing it and when, and tell them to follow on the live stream so they can make sure no one gets hurt.

If anyone recognizes Steve the pedophile, feel free to email me at [email protected] or message Clarence Woods Emerson on Facebook. If he’s got social media then screenshot everything because that’s always the first thing that comes down. Then again, this guy really doesn’t care so he might not. Or if you don’t recognize him and you can run license plates, try 7CP 166.


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