Marlborough Principal Says Bigoted Anti-Police Facebook Posts Were Just Passionate Opinions In “Apology” Email, Lexington Teacher Defends Rapist While Mocking Parents Who Want Schools Reopened


Earlier in the week I published a blog about Marlborough’s Whitcomb Middle School Principal Brian Daniels after he posted a number of inflammatory, bigoted, and anti-police things on Facebook which violated the district’s social media and bullying policies.

Daniels kept posting bigoted things after the blog was published, then must’ve gotten word about it and made his page completely private. However, the damage was done and what he posted was a fireable offense. On Tuesday he sent this email out to staff members at Whitcomb Middle School, but not parents.

The staff members aren’t the ones who need an apology, the parents and Marlborough Police are. He demeaned all of them and created an unsafe learning environment for their children where they are not welcomed to support the former President.

“A number of you have shared your concern for me and my family.”

Translation – I’m the victim here.

“I shared my opinions passionately.”

Your opinions are bigoted and unacceptable. He justifies his bigotry by saying he did so “out of deep concern for the well being of our country,” as if posting divisive, easily disprovable things about rapists like Jacob Blake in order to inflame racial tensions is going to help the country.

Here’s the truth about Jacob Blake.

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At no point in that pathetic email does he apologize to police officers, particularly the Marlborough Police, for suggesting that they are all rotten and racist. “Not a bad apple, a spoiled profession.”

At no point does he apologize to staff or parents that might’ve voted for Donald Trump, because he cannot comprehend how or why anyone would ever do such a thing. He demeaned and looks down on these people, and according to that email he will work on this by just not saying his true feelings out loud, rather than reflect on his bigotry towards conservatives.

I was sent this email from a teacher at the school who is furious about it, but dares not voice their concern for fear of reprisal. Imagine working for someone who thinks you’re subhuman because you support police and voted for Donald Trump? He created a hostile work environment, and should have to go to sensitivity training taught by me in order to recognize his unconscious bias towards conservatives and police. That’s the kind of diversity training that teachers and principals really need.

Many in Marlborough are furious about this and shared the blog in a community group where it raised a lot of eyebrows.

Most were in agreement that Brian Daniels’ Facebook posts were unacceptable, but there was one dissenter who wanted to defend the honor of Jacob Blake, who was shot while trying to kidnap three children from a black woman who had a restraining order out on him because Jacob Blake raped her.

Melissa Brooks is a rape apologist. Jacob Blake was not there to break up a fight, he was in violation of a court order by being there and was attempting to kidnap his three children. A black woman was digitally raped by Jacob Blake while she was sleeping and Blake was charged with raping her. Blake was also armed, which he admitted during an interview with GMA.

But as Blake himself admitted in an interview with ABC News last week, he wasn’t, in fact, unarmed. “I realized I had dropped my knife, I had a little pocketknife, so I picked it up,” Blake told Michael Strahan on “Good Morning America.” More critically, Blake admitted his actions at the time were wrong: “I shouldn’t have picked it up . . . considering what was going on. . . . At that time, I wasn’t thinking clearly.”

“Smells like you’ve been with other men.”

Blake’s rape victim was the one who called the police as this armed rapist attempted to steal her children. When they arrived he fought them, resisted arrest, and attempted to drive away with them after getting tased didn’t work. Melissa Brooks supports this monster, presumably because she believes that black women are not people and it does not matter if they get raped.

What’s really scary is that she’s a special ed teacher at Lexington High School who has been adamant that schools remain closed so that she can work from home.

She called parents in Lexington “entitled” because they want their children to receive a quality, in person education.

“Their children will not get left behind because everyone in this world is in this together.”

The United States is the only country in the world that shut down their schools and never reopened. Grocery store workers where this woman shops have not shut down, nor have the police and fire department in her town. Children continue to suffer from high suicide rates and other problems associated with isolation so that she can work from home and avoid a virus that poses no threat to her. But please, tell me more about how we’re “all in this together.”

The Lexington Public Schools deserve better than a woman who spreads Russian disinformation, inflames racial tensions, and ignores the plea of black women who have been sexually assaulted. They especially deserve better than a woman who looks down on parents who are advocating for the well being of their children. Feel free to email Principal Andrew Stephens and Superintendent Julie Hackett and let the know your thoughts.

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