Poor Behavior

Martha’s Vineyard Residents Who Deported Illegal Immigrants Laugh At Dead Hurricane Victims In Florida


It’s been three weeks since Martha’s Vineyard residents deported 50 illegal immigrants sent there by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, but the people who live and vacation there are still exposing themselves as the world’s biggest hypocrites. Last week Florida was hit hard by Hurricane Ian, and by all accounts Governor DeSantis did a stellar job in preparing and organizing the relief effort. The death toll is over 100 and thousands of people lost their homes to the storm. Evidently this makes the people of Martha’s Vineyard quite happy. This is Greg Kapitan, who lives in Salt Lake City but summers in the Vineyard:

According to him this annual act of nature was a “karmic hurricane” sent by Mother Nature to punish DeSantis for sending illegal immigrants to a beautiful, wealthy place where the people who live there claim they are welcomed.

If DeSantis had kept all those icky brown people off of Greg’s summer island then hurricanes would just stop coming to Florida during hurricane season. Now all those people are dead and Greg thinks it’s funny.

One thing that people like Greg Kapitan like about Martha’s Vineyard is that there aren’t many people there, so he can meditate.

But next thing you know there’s all these brown people around, and they talk and make noise and stuff, which totally interrupts his meditation. Can’t they just go to a place far away from Greg so he can pretend to care about their plight from a distance?

A woman who goes by Elizabeth Davenport also had some thoughts.

She LOVES it when people die! That way she can own the cons and laugh at your misery! Floridians deserve to be dead because their state elected a man who sent illegal immigrants on a private jet to a place where they said they would be welcomed.

Elizabeth doesn’t have any pictures of herself on Facebook, but she does support all the current things that lemmings like her are supposed to.

Oh, and when Trump was President she wanted a foreign power to invade Washington and burn the White House down because of her lust for karma.

But January 6 was really bad because it violated norms. Remember, these are the people who claim to be compassionate. They want you dead, so it’s perfectly OK to hate them.

Tony Bosselait is an Edgartown resident and town abutter also had some thoughts.

“It’s funny when innocent people get killed because it proves we’re better than them.”

Aron Levy is from Lexington.

According to him it was just a joke.

Get it? Dead people are funny because their governor is a republican!

Every damn time with these people.

Aron is a financial advisor, so the first piece of advice he’d give to a client looking to buy a home in a place like MV is to not let illegal immigrants stay on their island. It hurts property value.

Alicia Rabbit is an Edgartown resident who has lived on Martha’s Vineyard her entire life and is now a volunteer firefighter for Oak Bluffs.

She said that the deadly storm that destroyed the lives of so many innocent people was sent “from MV with love.”

Sorry dead people in Florida, but you had it coming. Alicia didn’t wanna be bothered with the brown people on her island so she deported them and then sent a hurricane to kill you for punishment.

The remarkable thing about this is that these people truly believe they’re the good guys. They seem to have no idea that they’ve completely exposed how evil and deranged they are, and how little they give a shit about anyone but themselves. The migrants needed things and got in the way, so they sent them packing. Now they’re laughing at dead people. These people have no souls, and you’re under no obligation to treat them with any sort of decency. It’s OK to hate people like this.


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