Mass Catholic Bishops Express Support For Police Reform Bill Despite History Of Allowing Sexual Abuse, Drunk Driving, And Discrimination Against Gays


The Boston Archdiocese released a statement about why they’re supporting the new “police reform” bill, which will strip police of qualified immunity, cause a mass exodus from the profession, open public servants up to frivolous lawsuits constantly, make it impossible for them to do their jobs effectively, and in turn make our communities less safe.

The sin of racism and struggle for racial justice has been part of our nation’s history for centuries. Awareness of both has never been absent, but too often both themes have been marginalized. Periodically, they are brought to the forefront of common discourse, most often triggered by aggressive, violent, or horrific acts perpetrated on members of our African American, Latino, and other minority communities. As a result, serious discussions regarding how society acts and reacts to alter the culture of discrimination, violence, ignorance and indifference often occur and appear to gain momentum. Meaningful debate raises expectations that society will finally emerge from the culture of racism. However, as history has shown, those discussions ultimately fade into the background as time elapses and other seemingly pressing issues make any change less urgent and somehow less important.

That collective mindset and cycle of inaction must end now. The time is upon us as a society to take responsibility for our actions. Racial injustice, bigotry, scorn and intolerance against individuals based upon their religion, ancestry, ethnicity or skin color must end now. Excuses for hate-filled behavior can no longer be tolerated. We are all created equal in the eyes of God and all human lives are to be valued and protected. It is upon us to make that human equality the norm – not the exception.

As the four Roman Catholic Bishops of Massachusetts, we pledge our full support to the cultural shift towards meaningful reforms in the area of racial injustice. As a country and a commonwealth of immigrants from all regions of the world, we must join together as one race – the human race. We must learn from our mistakes. We must learn from our passive acceptance of inaction and not let this opportunity fade into the background. Today and every day until reforms are implemented, this must be the pressing issue of the day. We must seize this opportunity with energy, determination and vigor. We must act now – it is our collective responsibility.

The underlying racial injustice and inequality issues we face are countless. They include, but are not limited to, education, housing, employment, law enforcement, the judiciary and many more. As Bishops, we take this opportunity to specifically voice our support of the efforts of Governor Baker and the legislature as they craft a bill to enact meaningful police reform.


New rule – if you’re part of an organization that allowed pedophiles under your employe to sexually abuse thousands of vulnerable young boys who were targeted because they came from impoverished backgrounds, and that organization moved these monsters around from church to church in order to cover up for their crimes and allow them to rape more boys, then you don’t get to have an opinion anything at all. Ever.

This part made my head explode.

We acknowledge the vast majority of the police officers in the state of Massachusetts are capable and honorable public servants who serve and protect all residents with distinction. We also acknowledge that racial biases have infiltrated the mindsets and actions of some police officers. Those are the individuals targeted by the legislation currently being debated by our lawmakers. That legislation is a step in the direction of meaningful change and is the reason we support our elected officials in their efforts to address these systematic problems.

You’re the catholic church. You invented systemic problems. And by not allowing priests to get married you’re basically ringing the cowbell for weirdos and perverts to apply for a job.

This legislation won’t do anything to deter bad cops with “biases” either. All it will do is make the vast majority of police unable to perform their duties effectively because they can no longer shoot at fleeing vehicles or take proper action to restrain violent criminals.

As Catholic Bishops we do not pretend to know the business of policing.

Yet here you are, chiming in on something you know nothing about. Maybe the police can give you some tips on how to identify pedophiles, or give you a crash course on how to turn wafers into the body of Jesus Christ.

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However, recent violent police actions from across the country inform us that methods, tactics, training, attitudes and biases must be addressed to bring about better policing. These fundamental changes must be done with the expertise, input, and cooperation from as many resources as possible – especially those who have experienced racial injustice firsthand.

What police actions have led you to believe that they need to reform their tactics? The edited video clips you saw on CNN that were designed to make police look bad? Have you spoken with police officers as to why they use the methods that why do? Of course not. You just fell for a bunch of bullshit that the media fed you, just like everyone else did.

Here’s an idea – shut up about things you know nothing about. You have zero background in police training and tactics. You want input from people with expertise? Try talking to a cop. Oh wait, the state legislature cancelled the public hearing on this so we’ll be ignoring the people who probably should be heard from more than anyone. Meanwhile, your job is to deliver a homily once a week, give me communion, and magically wipe my sins clean once every few years when I’m feeling guilty.

The Catholic Church also pays a grand total of $0 in taxes. I don’t want to hear another word from them on public policy until they do.

One of the 4 cosigners was the “Most Reverend Robert J. McManus, Bishop of Worcester.” The same Bishop who in 2013 was arrested for drinking and driving after smashing into another car, fleeing the scene, and getting caught after the other driver tracked him down.

Under his command the church refused to sell a property they owned to a gay couple because the catholic church actively discriminates against homosexuals, despite harboring thousands of closeted gay men as priests. They are in no position to lecture anyone else about tolerance.

I’ll always be a catholic because its my faith. But this is exactly why I never put money in the basket. The institution of the Catholic Church has always been one of the most corrupt organizations known to mankind. They should stay out of politics and focus on doing their jobs.


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