Mass State Police Virtue Signal About New Masked Diversity Recruits Who Can Run 1.5 Miles After Firing Experienced, Heroic Troopers For Not Getting The Jab


The Massachusetts State Police have laid off dozens of well qualified troopers because they won’t take an experimental vaccine that doesn’t work. But there is good news that MSP announced on Facebook this week:


We’re about to be protected from criminality by a much more diverse and compliant group of sheep. And they can run 1.5 miles without stopping. Feel safer yet?

One of the pictures has them wearing masks outside.

This is what the state wants and values. People who will blindly go along with anti-scientific nonsense, so long as they can brag about diversity and vaccination rates. They got rid of experienced, heroic troopers and the plan is to replace them with people who excel at doing whatever they are told. Wait until the next Governor declares that guns must be confiscated because they are a public health emergency, and these compliant lemmings go along with it.

I realize that the State Police as an institution did not create this mandate, but they’ve also put up no resistance to it. The correct response when Governor Baker told MSP that they must force all troopers to get vaccinated or be fired, was “we won’t comply.” But in the police, just like in most workplaces, the people who rise to the top got there because they’re good at following orders and kissing ass, so they went along with it. That’s why they’re using social media to virtue signal about things that don’t matter and don’t make us safer, like diversity.



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