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Massachusetts Teachers Association Organizes Mass Protest Of Election Results On Boston Common Wednesday While Demanding Schools Remain Closed


The following message was sent to MTA members today from MTA President Merrie Najimy and Vice President Max Page:

As this year’s highly contentious Election Day approaches, supporters of democracy are preparing for the possibility that President Donald Trump and his enablers will continue their efforts to subvert the election, disenfranchise voters, and mislead the public about the true outcome of the vote. This is not an idle concern. Trump has repeatedly failed to commit to a peaceful transfer of power if he loses the election. Anticipating that Trump might seek to sabotage the election, the MTA Board of Directors passed a New Business Item on Oct. 17 stating that “organized labor and its allied labor organizations must respond with nonviolent action to defend the democratic process, the Constitution and an orderly transfer of power that is one of the historic hallmarks of American democracy.”

MTA members can join this effort by taking a pledge to defend democracy and making a plan to join a “protect the results” event after Election Day. Planned actions include a rally on Boston Common at 3:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 4, which will be held no matter what the results are. The Greater Boston Labor Council and other organizations are also tentatively planning events for Nov. 7, depending on the situation after the election. We encourage local and regional networks to hold virtual meetings to discuss how they would respond and to make post-election plans. More information and materials to share can be found here.

And let’s take a few hours to make a final round of calls to fellow NEA members in battleground states. Sign up for the 4 p.m. Monday virtual phone bank being run by our Grassroots Campaigns Division. If all goes well, we will soon be celebrating a major change in our national political landscape. If there are efforts to subvert the results of the vote, we must be prepared to act.

The teachers union has been protesting in large groups all summer while pretending to be afraid for their lives due to the possibility that congregating in groups could spread coronavirus. So I guess it’s not surprising that they’d do something so hypocritical like urge members to preemptively protest the results of a democratic election on a school day, “no matter what the results are.” Not remotely either – in person. These evil cowards would gladly throw your children in front of a school shooter in order to save themselves, they clearly despite being around your kids, and COVID is nothing more than a political game to them.

A couple teachers defended this insanely hypocritical call to mass organize a protest of democracy while demanding that schools be closed due to commie cold.

But for the first time we’re starting to see teachers speak out against this cult of buffoons they’re forced to pay dues to.

We need more of this. I mean, this is their leadership.

And that creepy looking vice president Max Page?

He’s not even a teacher. He works at UMass and has never been in a classroom outside of UMass his entire career.

I talk to teachers all the time who are embarrassed and humiliated by Merrie Najimy and Max Page. They want nothing more than to be in the classroom, and they’re not afraid of getting COVID. Cases don’t matter, and lockdowns and masks clearly don’t work. We’ve been wearing masks for months now and all it does is increase “cases.” The only way out has always been herd immunity because viruses don’t disappear just because you hide from them. And the fact that these cowards are so willing to congregate in groups for no real reason, shows how little they’re actually scared of the virus.


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