Massive Food Court Brawl At Six Flags New England Interrupts Family Day 


A family day at Six Flags in Agawam didn’t go well this past weekend.

Goodness gracious, someone could’ve gotten the Delta variant! Six Flags New England Cooperate office has some explaining to do. Also, pro tip – don’t try to fight a dude in jorts when you’re on your knees. Ripping his shirt will not stop him from pummeling your face in.

Those girls behind him seem really traumatized for sure. And also, don’t try throwing wild haymakers if the ground is covered in Mountain Dew and broken dreams.

No Six Flags hoodbooger ho down would be complete without the ceremonial missed curb stomp as baby momma attempts to hold you back.

I saw someone in the comments blame the woman who posted it.

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I hate the “why didn’t you do something to stop it instead of recording it” people. Ummm, maybe because she’s a Mom who was there with a baby and she didn’t feel like becoming collateral damage in this world star tryout video. Or maybe because she was doing a much greater service to the world at large by taping it so we could all enjoy the amusement. But please Tony, tell us more about how you would’ve tackled a cop to save George Floyd from overdosing on fentanyl. We’re all VERY impressed.


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