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Maynard Business Owner Wants People To Support Son Of Neglectful Mom Who Murdered Man In Braintree Mal In Front Of 3 Year Old 


In January we published a blog about a former Maynard School Committee member and veteran ratchet named Toni Hammond, who ran on an equity agenda and was promoted by white BLM leaders in town, after her 19 year old son Julius Hammond-Desir was charged with murdering another black man in front of his 3 year old child at the Braintree Mall.


Toni Hammond lives in public housing in town, has been evicted multiple times for non-payment of rent, and has been charged with driving without a license, A&B on a family member, and A&B with a dangerous weapon. She was also brought to court by her own mother because she wasn’t taking care of her kids and was blowing all her money on wigs and accessories.

She failed at being a parent and her murderer son is the end result of that.

At the time of the blog her son Julius was wanted, but the police caught up to him shortly thereafter. The victim’s crime was looking at Julius the wrong way.

So obviously he was raised right.

Now a local white man named Eliot Prisby (who we’ve blogged about several times before due to his support for Monica Cannon-Grant) is trying to get white people in town to support this murderer.

See what he did there?

“He has been accused of killing a gang member during an incident in the Braintree Mall.”

The victim’s life had less value to Eliot because he was a gang member. The victim also happens to be black, and perhaps Eliot just assumes that all black people are in gangs. To people like Eliot Prisby black lives don’t matter if they’re killed by other black people like Julius Hammond-Desir. If the killer were a white cop then Eliot would definitely care, but the killer is the son of a political candidate who agrees with Eliot’s politics, therefore the victim’s black life doesn’t matter.

By all accounts the victim, Dijuon Beasley, was quite the waste of space himself. Live Boston reported last July that he was arrested alongside a juvenile in Dorchester on gun charges. The juvenile was put into handcuffs while holding a flier for Boston City Councillor Julia Mejia.

His obituary lists his life accomplishments:

As a young man, Dijoun was always particular about his dress and appearance and was always dressed to impress.  Dijoun earned a GED at the young age of sixteen. 

Very few people drop out of school and get their GED by the age of 16. Dijoun was going places in life before Julius shot him in the head in front of a 3 year old. His resume is basically the same as Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, George Floyd, and many other BLM martyrs. But he will not be memorialized by BLM, nor will be treated as a victim at all, because the man who killed him was another black man. The only black lives that matter to BLM are the small percentage of criminals who are killed during struggles with police.

“Julius needs his community right now.”

No, he really doesn’t. He’s a murderer, actually.

“It seems like the case may be thrown out due to lack of evidence.”

There’s video surveillance of him executing a man by shooting him in the head at close range before fleeing with the gun in his hand.

Julius Hammon-Desir fled to New Bedford where he was seen on surveillance video mimicking the shooting of a gun and laughing about what he had just done. He evaded police for 3 weeks before being arrested in Dorchester. He was wearing the same clothing the shooter was wearing in New Bedford, asked the police if “white girl did me in” (his getaway driver and co-defendant), and told police that he didn’t turn himself in because he was saving money for a lawyer.


According to the Norfolk County Superior Court grand jury indictment the evidence shared in discovery includes video footage from the mall, images of Julius lifting up his shirt to show the gun, still photos of the shooting, and the 911 call.


Besides that Eliot is right – there isn’t much evidence.

“What I do know is that if he hadn’t been so utterly failed by our schools and our community, he likely would not have been in that situation to begin with.”

You might think that sounds ridiculous, but it’s actually the fundamental core belief of the Democratic Party when it comes to crime and law and order in general. Julius is the victim of our failed schools and community. YOU did this, teachers and residents of Maynard. You provided him with a free, taxpayer funded education, support services, subsidized housing, and other forms of welfare. But it wasn’t enough. YOU are the reason he had no choice but to shoot a man in the head in front of a 3 year old in a crowded mall.

Notice who Eliot isn’t blaming – his mother. The person who had more control and influence over him than anyone. Liberals completely reject the idea that parenting matters because they reject the traditional role of the nuclear family when it comes to child rearing, and believe that it “takes a village.” Nothing is ever the fault of parents. As long as we continue to ignore the plague of shitty parenting in this country, and blame it stuff like a lack of gun control (even though Julius was able to obtain a gun illegally in a state with the strictest gun control laws in the nation), nothing will be changed. You cannot correct a problem if you’re too scared to identify the actual cause of the problem.

Julius Hammond-Desir thought murder was funny. He bragged about taking a life shortly after doing it. He didn’t care that a 3 year old had to witness this happening because he is heartless and was raised without morals. In a just world his mother would be charged too, because she created this monster. She failed him by not taking care of him, which is why his grandmother took her to Judge Judy. She failed him by bringing home boyfriends who allegedly assaulted him when he was 12, prompting her to assault the boyfriend and catch a charge in the process.

This is what he thought was normal.

Another Maynard woman named Elizabeth Hungerford asked him what his source was for his belief that evidence exonerated Julius. His response? The murderer’s mother.

“Even if he is is guilty, I still think this support is necessary.”

Toni Hammond didn’t elaborate on what that evidence was, we just have to believe black women. This is what a cult sounds like, which isn’t surprising because BLM is without a doubt a cult. It brainwashes easily deceived, stupid white people like Eliot and tells them that black women in particular must never be doubted, and that blindly supporting criminals who are black means that you are a good white person. It’s why he uses his business page, Metrowest Kung Fu, to support Monica Cannon-Grant, despite the fact that she’ll be going to jail for years due to defrauding black people in Boston.

People like him have been guilted into believing that being born white is a sin that they must make amends for. They get lectured by people like Monica Cannon-Grant about how their support isn’t enough to make them a full “ally.” Their BLM yard signs aren’t enough. They must pay reparations and support murderers too.


Elizabeth was pretty convinced though.

Yes, Toni Hammond was bullied because people were concerned that a deadbeat criminal who raises murderers and doesn’t pay her rent or take care of her children wanted to run the public schools.

If black lives mattered to people like Eliot Prisby then they’d be in the courthouse to support the well dressed black man with a GED who was killed by Julius Hammond-Desir. Instead he is supporting a man who murdered someone in front of a child. Regardless of whether or not Dijoun Beasley was a good person, the black 3 year old who was forced to witness his execution didn’t deserve to be traumatized for life by being subjected to that. By supporting this unrepentant killer he is spitting in the faces of black victims of gun violence, and he’s using his karate business to endorse that. Feel free to leave a review on his business Facebook page to share your thoughts. People who go there deserve to know who they’re giving money to.


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