Mayor Marty Walsh Poses For Selfie While Out Without Mask On Despite Enforcing Mandatory Mask And Social Distancing Order In Boston 


In May Boston Mayor Marty Walsh made it mandatory to wear masks on at all times, even when exercising. He was quite upset with people who weren’t wearing masks, and believed that a mask order would help stop the spread.

“I was hoping people would take the responsibility themselves,” he said in the interview. “Clearly there are too many cases and situations where that’s not happening.”

Anytime you leave your home or you’re anywhere near other people, you should be wearing a face covering,” he said. “We ask people to keep their distance from one another, get their shopping done quickly, and wear a face covering

Despite allowing massive protests led by Monica Cannon-Grant in his city, Walsh is still telling people to wear masks and stay 6 feet apart four months later.

Just a few hours after that tweet Walsh was spotted out with a Quincy woman, posing for selfies without a mask on.

As you can see, Marty is a graduate of the Nancy Pelosi School of Politics. Masks for thee but not for me.

Carrie Keith posted that she was out at the Range Bar & Grille in Hingham.

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Several of her friends commented on how Walsh was breaking his own rules and would become upset if this picture was publicized. One person even urged her not to post it.

It should be noted that the woman who posted it wrote, “Yo this isn’t Marty.” However, she didn’t correct anyone who commented that it was Marty Walsh, and she liked several of the comments. We have not heard back from her after reaching out and she blocked this reporter on Facebook. He face does look noticeably skinnier, but the hairline, widow’s peak, fade haricut, eye color, eyebrows, pointed nose, tucked in lips, ears, and chine are a dead match to most images you can find of Walsh.

Additionally the woman also posted another image last night while out, and she and her friend are wearing the same exact shirts that they are wearing in the picture with Walsh, which indicates that the picture was taken last night.

He also appears to have mask rash, which may be why he took it off.

We called the Mayor’s Office for comment, just as we did during the week, but have not heard back and don’t expect to. However, this was clearly taken last night, that is clearly Marty Walsh, and he is clearly not wearing a mask or standing 6 feet apart from other people. Because just like Nancy Pelosi, Charlie Baker, Karyn Polito, and every other politician who is making you wear a mask and telling you to socially distance, not a single one of them follows their own rules when they think no one is looking. Marty is just the dumb one who couldn’t say no to a selfie.

The reason people like Nancy Pelosi, Karyn Polito, and Marty Walsh flagrantly violate their own order is because they aren’t scared of coronavirus. Nor should they be. Coronavirus primarily kills the sick, very elderly, and morbidly obese. The media will find a random person in Indiana who was 35 and healthy and allegedly died from COVID, in order to scare you into believing that we are all at risk of dying from the virus. But the reality is for people like Marty Walsh and Nancy Pelosi who analyze the data every day, that they couldn’t die from coronavirus if they tried.

Meanwhile, look at all the times Marty Walsh has tweeted about wearing masks.

In case he deletes, here’s screenshots.

He tweeted this 2 hours ago.

Meanwhile this was him the night before.

These are the people telling you that your kids can’t go to school and your business can’t open. They are tyrants, liars, and hypocrites, and they think you are very, very stupid. Unfortunately many people are that stupid, and in this country stupid people can vote which is why we have elected leaders like Marty Walsh running major American cities.


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