Mayor Michelle Wu’s New Communication Chief Jessicah Pierre Has History Of Racist Anti-Asian Tweets, Blockaded I-93 During BLM Protests


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The Boston Globe published a puff piece yesterday about the latest fresh and diverse hire for Mayor Michelle Wu – communications chief Jessicah Pierre.

“inclusive communications department that is reflective of our city’s diversity”

Translation – the color of your skin is by far the most important thing we’re looking for in the hiring process. White folk need not apply.

Jessicah Pierre is a UMass grad who markets herself as “The People’s Publicist.”

Pretty much every job she’s had prior to being appointed to Mayor Wu’s team revolved around her racial identity.

Her supporters aren’t exactly hiding from the fact that the her most important quality isn’t that she’s good at her job, it’s that she’s black.

Yay equity!

As a professional publicist Jessicah is supposed to be an expert in the field of communications, media relations, and usage of social media. Except there’s just one problem – Michelle Wu is Asian, which is going to make these racist Asian tweets very hard for her to explain to the new boss. For instance, she once dreamed of having an Asian boyfriend, just not one with a small penis.


Ya know, because Asian men all have small penises.

She refers to Asian people’s eyes as “chinky.”

And she doesn’t like Asian women who sell her tea.

She also is a big fan of the n word, and prefers “dark n words” to both “hood n words” and “bitch ass n words” because she’s “team charcoal.”


She was in her 20’s when she tweeted all of those things, so she can’t blame this on being a dumb high school student. Others have been cancelled for far less.

Keep in mind, this is an alleged communications professional, who wasn’t smart enough to start a new professional account when she went into this line of work. Instead she kept the account she used in college to tweet out racial slurs, call people she doesn’t like “house negroes loyal to the massa,” brag about how good she is at felatio, and opine about the “power of the pussy.”

That incompetence alone of not starting a new account should disqualify her from her position. But luckily for Jessicah she is in no danger of losing her job. If she were white she’d be fired immediately. It’s why these are the only tweets she won’t have delete after this blog.

Luckily for her as a black woman she will be given privileges and second chances that white people would never receive if they were in her position. So for all the crying about “systemic racism” and how black women are “marginalized,” Jessicah’s racial and gender identity are going to give her the ultimate job security. Just ask State Representative Liz Miranda, who the media and her colleagues have covered for despite hundreds of racist and offensive tweets like these:


In 2014 Jessicah Pierre illegally shut down I-93 after Darren Wilson was not indicted for the justified shooting of violent criminal Michael Brown, which prevented ambulances from getting to the hospital. She called it “dope.”

However, State Police Colonel Timothy Alben didn’t think it was so dope, and called her actions “unacceptable and dangerous.

“On the whole, protesters behaved appropriately, except for those few who became disorderly and those who walked onto one of our highways — an unacceptable and dangerous action that will always be met with a swift police response, as it was tonight,” Col. Alben said.

She works for the Mayor now.

In December of 2014 at the Boston Christmas Tree lighting BLM protesters disrupted the children’s event while shouting vulgarities. One little girl who just wanted to see Santa was nearly crushed and began sobbing before a police officer consoled her.

protesters make girl cry boston tree lighting


Jessicah Pierre was proud of that mob, tweeting out “fuck yo tree lighting.”

Later in December of 2014 two New York City cops were executed by a BLM supporter in revenge for Eric Garner’s death. Jessicah Pierre was more worried about how the media would spin this targeted execution, and urged her comrades to “stay woke.”


As I said before, there is almost no chance the Boston Globe will respond to or write about this story. And because people like Michelle Wu only respond if the Globe writes something, they will be able to ignore Jessicah Pierre’s blatantly racist tweets. This is her racial privilege. Nevertheless, she still pretends to be oppressed because white people are celebrating Juneteenth.

Life is hard for this racist, incompetent diversity hire.









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