Mayor Walsh Featured Guest At Non-Profit Event With Didi Delgado Despite Urging People To Spit In Boston Cops’ Food, Kill White People, Commit To Hating Cops


Last week we published a blog about Cambridge black lives matter president Didi Delgado after she published a story on which explicitly called for food workers to spit or sneeze in Boston Police Officer’s food, after they urged the Boston Teacher’s Union to reconsider dehumanizing them in front of students.

In April Didi will be a featured guest alongside Boston Mayor Marty Walsh at the grand opening of the Violence In Boston INC Social Impact Center, a non-profit many consider to be fraudulent, which is run by Delgado’s friend Monica Cannon-Grant.

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By legitimizing this woman Mayor Walsh is essentially saying that he is OK with standing alongside a community leader who urged people to commit an act of violence against police officers. For those of you who would like to respectfully share your thoughts with city leaders about this, here are some people you can email.

Marty Walsh – [email protected]

Police Chief William Gross – [email protected]

Laura Oggerri – Chief Communications Officer – [email protected]

Chief of Staff David Sweeney – [email protected]

This is hardly Didi Delgado’s first statement like this, as she has a long and documented history of racist, vulgar, and violent language. Should the Mayor of Boston be openly associating with someone who once wrote a story on Medium entitled, “In Defense Of Punching Cops,” and proudly wears a “Police Murder People” sweatshirt.


I have a friend who punched a cop — or as he describes it, he “two-pieced his white ass and laid him out on the street.” This is doubly impressive because my friend is a queer Black man and he lived to tell about it. The cop — presumably too embarrassed to report he’d just gotten his ass whooped by an angry faggot with frosted tips — never so much as called in the incident. Folks on the bus thanked Pigslayer for intervening to protect the Black youth, and now my friend re-tells the story whenever he has three or more drinks in his system. And no matter how many times he tells the story I think it’s going to end with his funeral, because 9 times out of 10 that’s exactly what would have happened. And 10 times out of 10 the cop would have gotten away with it. It’s no secret that in the United States, police have a license to kill.

From where I’m sitting, there are only two possible solutions for re-calibrating the political spectrum to redefine leftist radicalism and far right conservatism. We can continue to slowly build grassroots movements and increase pressure on the powers that be to abandon their regressive and oppressive regimes…. or we can punch cops.

I think both of these solutions have merit, but cop punching might solve our problem faster. For starters, we don’t need a lot of people punching cops. We just need enough so that Fox and Friends will think twice before labeling people like me extremists. The goal is to burst the bubbles of those who view my boring ass opinions and lifestyle as “extreme” in any way. Nothing puts that in perspective faster than Officer O’Mally getting laid out in front of 1 Police Plaza.


A woman who refers to police officers as pigs.

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A woman who reacts to the murder of Yarmouth Police Officer Sean Gannon by blaming the police and allowing her friends to to celebrate a “dead pig” on her page.


A woman who tells wrote an article for Medium entitled, “10 Ways To Pay Reparations If You’re A Broke Ass White Person.”

An article which amongst other things told white women they had to be virtual slaves, urged followers to “commit to hating cops,” “kill your rich white uncle and and use his inheritance to bail 1,000 black women out of jail,” “stop pretending cops are here to help,” “f*** the police and f*** the troops,” riot, and commit crime.

A woman who shares articles entitled, “Why I Don’t Like White Women.”

A woman who forces her white followers (of which there are many) to pay her reparations every month so she can go on exotic vacations, collect welfare, pay nothing in taxes, and never get a job.

A woman who refused to help a homeless woman with children, who had financially supported her in the past, simply because the woman was white.

A woman whose contributions to public discourse mostly involve complaining about how oppressed she is while openly discussing her favorite vibrators on Facebook.

A woman who urges people to lie to the police to get white people in trouble.

A woman who claims that her reparations campaign has raised almost $100,000 in the last two years, and is now “under the fiscal sponsorship” of Monica Cannon-Grant’s non-profit, which is hosting Marty Walsh and Didi in April.

This is the person Marty Walsh choose to associate with so he can pretend to care about the plight of black people.

Didi Delgado doesn’t care about black people. She cares only about herself, and her primary goal is to never get a job and continue to profit off of racism and anti-police hatred. She’s free to do so, but the Mayor of Boston is making the choice to associate with her. Feel free to let these people know your thoughts.

Marty Walsh – [email protected]

Police Chief William Gross – [email protected]

Laura Oggerri – Chief Communications Officer – [email protected]

Chief of Staff David Sweeney – [email protected]


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