Poor Behavior

Medfield Couple Wants You To Drop Off Your 5-6 Yea Olds With Them To Learn About Sex Abuse And Bodily Autonomy, Prefer Parents Leave During Workshop


Earlier in the week we published a blog about some white supremacists in Medfield (claiming to be progressive) who went out of their way to make sure a woman of color wasn’t elected to the School Committee. Two of the people who commented were a married couple named Michael Dewhirst and Sarah Zitoli.

Michael made it clear that he wants diversity and black people and stuff, but he will take a white communist any day of the week over a black or brown woman who thinks freely. According to him ethnic conservatives are “tokenism.”

Sarah said she couldn’t support the Brazilian immigrant and small business owner because she stood for the National Anthem.


Shortly after the blog was published Sarah went back on the Medfield Together page to announce that she was hosting a sex workshop for 5 and 6 year olds.

“Empowering kids to have autonomy over their bodies and prevent abuse.”

Maybe a church isn’t the best place to drop off your kids to learn about that.

In case this didn’t sound creepy enough Sarah also let it be known that she doesn’t want parents sticking around to watch.

The parents don’t stay to watch these two people talk to your kids about sexual abuse.

The most disturbing part of that was the response – “Thanks.” These communists couldn’t wait to bring their children of all ages.

Seems like a perfectly normal thing to post on Facebook.

She doesn’t let pre-schoolers attend, but she can give them some literature to read, like “Bodies Are Cool.”

These are the people who are freaking out because Florida passed a bill that bans kindergarten teachers from teaching kids about made up gender pronouns. Time to call them exactly what they are – groomers. Anyone who has a problem with schools not being able to brainwash 6 year old kids with transgenderism and propaganda is a child abuser who you should NEVER trust around your child. The fact that they ask parents to leave is the creepiest thing I’ve ever heard.

These people HATE the idea that parents should be in charge of their own kids. They reject the idea that parents should teach their own kids about how to protect themselves from abusers because it makes them feel good about themselves by dropping them off at the church with strangers instead. They believe it’s the role of the school and the community to brainwash kids with communist propaganda, which is why people like this proudly show videos on Facebook where they’re brainwashing their toddlers with politics.

Your daughter doesn’t give a shit about feminism because she can’t walk and has 4 teeth. You wanna do this to your own kid? Fine. Stop asking other people to drop their kids off with you for sex talk though, because it’s weirding us out.



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