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Medfield Diversity Coordinator Leading Charge To Change High School’s Offensive Warriors Mascot Often Wore Indian War Paint At McGill College


Thomas Blake Middle School in Medfield recently sent out a link to a fundraiser for black history month, in a town that is just 1% black.

The school was endorsing a group in that email called “Medfield Together,” an organization filled with white women claiming to make the world a more diverse and tolerant place, but in actuality is just making themselves feel better about being white.

Medfield Together has a book dropoff on town property, but the only books kids can drop off and read have to align with anti-racism themes, social justice values, activism, and community building.

So Dr. Seuss is certainly banned, as are most classics that were written before people began using their preferred gender pronouns in their Twitter bios. The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn’s Gender Reassignment Surgery is permissible though.

One of the women on the steering committee for Medfield Together (which is partnering with the public schools to push this brand of critical race theory) is Alexandra Maider.

She’ so white she makes the Pillsbury doughboy look Puerto Rican.



Alex is an uber-woke board member of the “cultural alliance of Medfield,” graduated from McGill University in Montreal before getting her MBA from the Isenberg School of Management at UMass, and believes that people who don’t want children to undergo genital mutilation without parental consent are bigots.

In other words, she has spent her entire existence on earth dodging and avoiding black people like the plague, but still feels that she is in a position to lecture other people about racism and woke causes.

One of her first big concerns was getting rid of the mascot for Medfield High School because its racist to honor legendary fighters by calling them Warriors.

They did this right in the peak of the George Floyd insanity, because somehow Native American mascots were the cause of a rogue cop forcing George Floyd to die from a fentanyl overdose, and of course it worked. The best way for white people in Medfield to show black people that they care about them isn’t for them to live amongst black people, but rather to change the high school mascot so as not to offend the 0% of Native Americans who live in Medfield.

She also wanted to let people know that “it isn’t OK” to dress as Native Americans for Halloween.

Because is exacerbates the “crisis” of disproportionate sexual assault, murder, and kidnapping of indigenous women and girls. Native American girls can’t go anywhere in this country without being raped and murdered, and the solution to this problem is banning Halloween costumes.

Here’s the thing though – McGill University’s mascot when she went there was the Redmen, which is much more offensive than Warriors. But did Alexandra speak out against it when she had the chance to as a college student? Nope, she embraced the racism! Here’s a picture of Alexandra from her Facebook page, in which she’s wearing Native American war paint at a sportball match.

Look at those racist white people mocking Native culture. Treating other cultures like a costumer exacerbates the crisis of disproportionate sexual assault, murder, and kidnapping of indigenous women and girls. At least five underage Cherokee girls were kidnapped and raped by French fur traders as a direct result of that picture.

Luckily in 2019 McGill changed the name of their mascot after white students revolted.

Those are the real white heroes right there. The students who said enough is enough, and bravely held up their creative CVS brand posters to let the world know that they wouldn’t tolerate bigots like Alexandra Maider and her suspected crew of white nationalists any longer.

Medfield deserves better than bigots like this. Alexandra Maider must immediately resign her position on the Medfield Together Committee, write a formal letter of apology to white students at McGill, and write a $20K reparations check to the Turtleboy Chapter of Black Lives Matter. After doing that she will remain cancelled, but she will be allowed back into civilized society so long as she wears a scarlet R for racist wherever she goes.


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