Medford Only Fans DCF Mom Claims “Mutt” Son She Gave Birth To Is Not Her Baby, Says DUI Was Honest Accident, Blames Victim She Is Now Hunting Down


Last week we published a blog about a woman named Ashley Smith, AKA the Medford Quarry Queefhog, after she taunted and threatened another woman who she crashed into while driving drunk.

Both Ashleigh and her baby daddy (27:53) came on the Live Show on Sunday night (1:23:30 mark), and she was every bit the dumpster fire you imagined a junkie mother of two would be:

Just to review:

  • She was blackout drunk when she picked up the phone
  • The crash she caused was an “honest accident”
  • She had 4 shots before getting in the car but chose to drive anyway, even though she was a block away from her home
  • It was the fault of the victim for not having her lights on
  • She was previously arrested for beating up a lot 73 year old man for his percocets
  • She’s the real victim because her airbags didn’t go off
  • She said that her and her friend Brianna were hunting down the victims for talking shit about them since the crash that she caused
  • She had alcoholic amnesia, which made her unable to remember the crash
  • She is depressed about herself, but not the “dumb bitch” she crashed into and could’ve killed

After the show she was so upset with her baby daddy that she officially renounced their child (who she called a mutt) and claimed the baby was not hers, despite the fact that it came out of her.

Then she made it Facebook official by changing her profile picture to “single mama of one.”

Luckily she hasn’t had custody of either of her kids since July of 2020 due to the fact that she’s a junkie/alcoholic with a long and documented history of domestic violence. She then randomly said another dude was the baby daddy of the child she is now pretending is not hers. DCF was out of her life for a grand total of 11 days.

They created an action plan for her, which included parenting classes, but of course she failed to abide by it and was unable to reunite with either child in June of 2021.

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She claimed to have a job, which means she offers nail services nobody wants on Facebook, and has an Only Fans account.

It’s really sad that people like this are able and willing to reproduce when so many normal people can’t.  No doubt the the Medford Quarry Queefhog will be one of the top seeds in Ratchet Madness 2022.


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