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Medford Woman Claims To Be Victim Of Xenophobia, Sends Mob After Family Owned Donut Shop After Harassing Elderly Woman Over Free Wifi


This is Milla Oliveira from Medford.

Milla is Brazilian immigrant who seems to believe she’s some sort of victim, which is why she decided to attack a family owned donut shop in town yesterday with this Facebook post:

Just to review:

  • She was looking for a place to get coffee that had wifi
  • She called up Demet’s Donuts, despite being next door, and the woman who answered the phone told her to learn to speak English
  • This makes no sense because she speaks English fine and doesn’t even have an accent
  • She called back two more times and the woman picked up the phone and told her to stop calling
  • She then went to the donut shop because she was right next door, and easily could’ve walked over there to begin with instead of bothering them on the phone
  • She believes that the woman on the phone told her to speak English because her last name Oliveira came up on caller ID, even though no one would assume you don’t speak English because your last name is Oliveira, and the person speaking to her could clearly tell that she could speak English
  • She found out when she arrived that she had interrupted them while they were making sandwiches, but still felt entitled to cause a scene and smear them on social media
  • They told her that a customer answered the phone, likely because they wanted her to just go away and let them work
  • After her post was shared all over Facebook the owner saw it, contacted her, and told her that it was an 82 year old woman who picked up the phone, they don’t have caller ID, and the whole thing was a miscommunication
  • She doesn’t believe any of this because doing so would prevent her from being a victim of xenophobia

“I don’t really know what my goal is with this post.”

You’re a communist. Your goal is always destruction.

What most likely happened was that the 82 year old woman picked up the phone and probably doesn’t even know what wifi is, so she didn’t know the answer the question and rudely told her to stop bothering her while she worked. When Milla called back the woman obviously knew it was her because the donut shop probably doesn’t get a lot of phone calls, and she told her to stop calling. That’s how they knew it was you without caller ID, you absolute child.

Of course all of her friends blindly joined the mob and attacked this small business without hearing the other side of the story, because that’s what these people do in order to feel good about themselves.

Imagine how boring a person you have to be to feel the need to comment with, “I’m so sorry that you went through this! I can’t believe we live in a world where people are so hateful!”

Is there anything more meaningless and generic than that? People only say stuff like that because they want to be seen saying stuff like that. They don’t care if it’s true, they just want to make the record clear that they are NOT racist, and they want strangers to know.

This was the take of the day though.

Yea, it wasn’t a crime because they didn’t offend you. Had they done that they’d be in jail by now. However, they did deny you service “motivated by hostility or prejudice based on race,” and that is an automatic 60 hours of community service. We’ll ignore the part where she didn’t order any food and went inside for the sole purpose of harassing them. Internet judge Celina Vo has spoken, and her judgement is final.

Then a white boy showed up and pointed out that the people who work there speak Spanish and have accents, and the owners are Greek immigrants, which disrupted her victimhood narrative.

Anyone who’s ever dealt with a Greek small business owner knows that they don’t play. They didn’t leave an economically depressed cesspool of a country to come to America and have their time wasted by entitled broads in cocktail dresses on their Macbooks who want to use them for a wifi connection. They’ve never heard of wifi before because they’re too busy making the donuts and brewing the coffee. These concepts of hard work and entrepreneurial spirit are something that spoiled twats like Milla Oliveira will never understand.

Ryan pointed out how they might’ve been having an off day, and how it wasn’t fair to judge them based on that, but once again Milla wasn’t trying to entertain any theories that didn’t result in her being the victim of xenophobia.

To the surprise of no one she also happens to be a left wing activist, and might even be an illegal immigrant who doesn’t believe in the existence of international borders.

What are the odds that someone like this would be the victim of xenophobia? Almost like she wanted it to happen so badly, but it never did so she just made it up.

She also doesn’t understand how any immigrants could possibly vote for Republicans.

Pretty sure “undocumented” immigrants aren’t supporting either candidate because they can’t vote anyway unless they live in California. But those who came here legally do vote Republican in high numbers because they didn’t move to this country to hand over half their money to the government so they can spend it on propping up the Kennedy Center and building the National Equity Museum. These types of immigrants tend to be a little older, and instead of attempting to understand them Milla and her friends just assume that they’re stupid and hate themselves.

Never forget – these people are willing to destroy anyone they can for their own clout. That’s all she gains out of this lie – attention. She said it herself – she has no idea what the goal of sharing this post is except to hurt them. She doesn’t feel the least bit bad about it and has no idea that she’s the bad guy. That’s why you shouldn’t feel bad at all for mocking her and laughing at her misfortune. She’d destroy you in a second if it could get her 10 more likes on Facebook.


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