Meet 21-Year-Old Aric Profit, The Creep Posing As An 18-Year-Old So He Can Send Dick Pics To 13-Year-Old Girl

Earlier today I put up a blog asking for help identifying the level ten creeper sending dick pics and solicitation for sex to a decoy profile of a 13-year-old girl.


You guys delivered, and quickly. Meet 21-year-old Aric Profit, of Orange/Athol, MA:



It took a little while to be absolutely positive, and put out the name. But first of all, shortly after the blog hit, Aric changed his profile picture.


….A haircut from a prison barber, maybe.

Then he changed his Facebook profile name, despite the fact that we had not put out his real name.



Then his mom messaged our page, vowing deformation lawsuits if we didn’t remove the blog immediately.

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Nah, Shannon. What’s inappropriate is your grown ass son prowling the internet for middle schoolers to send pictures of his hog to.

But it was one reader in particular who really cracked the case, as she had blocked Aric on snapchat years earlier.


Check out the Snapchat username:


The same Snapchat username he gave the decoy, and used to send messages like this:


Killer_kat2139. Gotcha, Aric. You freakin’ creep. I sure hope your mom made good on her threat to contact the police. Because I did. And I would suggest anyone reading this do the same. This guy doesn’t need to be on the streets, free to victimize someone’s daughter. Time to get the law involved.


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