Meet Chris Lewis: Monica Cannon-Grant’s Cousin And Employee Of Violence In Boston INC Who Assaulted Peaceful Protesters, Called Rayla Campbell Sexually Derogatory Insults


While peacefully protesting against Monica Cannon-Grant’s racism at the grand opening of her “social impact center” in Hyde Park we were assaulted, threatened, stalked, and flanked by an unidentified man with dreadlocks at the 28 and 38 minute marks of this video.

We asked for turtle riders to identify him and you delivered. Meet Monica Cannon-Grant’s cousin Chris Lewis.

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As you can see, he’s a grown man who still feels the need to dress like an extra in a 2002 Ja Rule video. He posted a picture of him and Monica together recently, reminiscing about their childhood.

Translation –

“When I was 15 Monica told me to kick someone’s ass for her, and now I’m in my 30’s and I still do that shit cuz I never stop keeping it 100!!”

That’s what he did the other day when he heard that peaceful protesters were protesting his racist cousin – drove to Hyde Park to try to fight provoke violence against peaceful protesters. For his loyalty he has been rewarded with “an office and a whole bunch of gifts” and cash, according to this post he put up after the ceremony.

That seems about right. The organization that exists to stop violence in Boston hires a man who instigates violence in Boston and showers him with free stuff and an office in a free building that his ratchet racist cousin didn’t pay a dime for.

When someone brought up the fact that Monica got confronted by Rayla Campbell at Joe Kennedy’s “look at my black friends” rally, Chris responded with what is quite possibly the most ratchet sentagraph of all time.

“And less.” 

Instead of calling it Violence in Boston they should call it Hooked on Phonics in Boston.

“I preach positive stuff”

No you don’t.

“We stand with her no matter what she does”

Yea, I kind of picked up on that. Wouldn’t want to fall out of good graces of the cash cow bringing in the grants from wealthy white donors looking to alleviate the guilt they feel for being born white.

“Because you put a pink penis in your fucking mouth you black stupid bitch it doesn’t give you no special fucking privileges”

This is an employee of a non-profit that gets money from the taxpayers and lots of highly respected foundations, calling Rayla Campbell (a candidate for Congress) a “black stupid bitch” who “put a pink penis in her f***ing mouth.” This man was rewarded with gifts and a job.

“That don’t make her a racist it makes her a straight up G.”

Actually, it does in fact make her a racist to say those things, and bragging that the leader of your non-profit against violence is a “straight up G,” as in “gangsta,” isn’t the look your fraudulent non-profit should be going for.

Tito Jackson should really learn how to put his boy on a leash. At least Tito knows how to put on a suit and avoid saying and doing things that destroy the credibility of a fraudulent non-profit. But he also knows the kind of people he’s associating with and is OK with it because these are his friends.

Look who else was on his page.

It’s Grandmaster Doordash!

The guy who thought we would be intimidated by flashing us the international sign for “I’m strapped and check out my underpants.”

Still waiting on his name. If you know it then please DM me at Clarence Woods Emerson on Facebook or email [email protected]

I took my gas off the pedal for a while there with MCG but now I’m motivated to put a list together of every organization that donates to this woman so we can contact them and let them know that their money is giving jobs to violent gang members and rapists. Stay tuned.


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