Meet Manuel Lucero: Convicted Rapist, Pathological Liar And Fraudster Who Impersonated A Lawyer To Try And Keep His Conviction Off Blog Written About Serial Stalker Friend Adam Walker

Stolen Valor, fake MD credentials and a bogus online business and threats of defamation punctuate an online presence rife with fraud and lies.

Yesterday we published this blog about a serial stalker by the name of Adam Walker (Dr. Seuss is rolling in his grave right now), who attempted to use us to smear the ADA who convicted him of stalking a former therapist, and subsequently was also stalked and harassed by Mr. Walker. He was explicitly unhappy with our take, so he then decided to harass Uncle Turtleboy with threatening, menacing communications, including sending him his own personal information – down to his social security number. Bad move, buddy. You can’t misuse skip tracing and verification software like Delvepoint and Nexislexis to access other people’s information like that – but after looking at his former jailhouse associate and apparent partner-in-shadiness, Manuel Robert Lucero, I’m starting to suspect this is something they’ve made a bit of a habit of. I’d like to focus on him for a moment, because the insanity here is mind-boggling.

Manuel Robert Lucero, V. is a former inmate of Worcester County Jail. He spent approximately a year and a half incarcerated after a 2017 rape conviction, and is now a register sex offender who resides in Hanford, CA. He is on probation until 2020. How one is sentenced to less than 2 years in jail for a crime as heinous as rape is beyond me, but Lucerno clearly got lucky in being arrested and tried in Massachusetts as opposed to California, as he learned after his interstate transfer of probation was approved. We’ll get to that, but first, let’s look at the complete and utter fraud that Mr. Lucero is. It starts with the dubious looking “forensic analysis” he prepared for Adam Walker, and then continues with this voicemail Uncle Turtleboy received yesterday, within an hour of the first blog being published.

This “Civil Rights” attorney from Arizona, Eric Blackburn, demanded that the part in the blog referring to Manuel Lucero as a “convicted rapist” be taken out, referring to it as “defamatory”. Funny thing is, it’s absolutely not, because he absolutely is a convicted rapist.

And registered sex offender.

Even stranger, Attorney Eric Blackburn of Prescott, AZ does not exist.The number he called from is not associated with any law firm. Lucero was impersonating an attorney, clearly. Just the first of many, many traceable lies.

According to Manuel Lucero’s linked in profile, the 22-year old California native has a varied and impressive employment background, ranging from working at an Executive Assistant from 2011-2012 (at the tender age of 14, no less – seeing as he was 20 years old at the time of his 2017 rape conviction), moving to an undergraduate research contributor in 2015 (age 18), then somehow managing to sit in the U.S House of Representatives in 2018 while also playing Adam Walker’s skin flute in a Massachusetts county jail, and all the while serving in MOS35A ( Military Intelligence) in the Army – in Jericho, VT. Oh, and somehow he is Executive Counsel for a nondescript-looking business named “X. Universal Solutions”, and serves as a chairman for the National Lawyers Guild’s Mass Incarceration Committee for the Greater New York Area….all by 22 years old, with a rape conviction, and sex offender registration. With a 1.5 year prison sentence thrown in there as well.

Of course, none of his resume checks out.

Let’s start with the “Executive Assistant” position at S & S Oil in Kirkland, WA.

The website url leads to a Sand and Soil delivery company located in Kenner, Louisiana.

Which is kind of odd. Then again, S & S Oil in Kirkland, WA does not exist.

The closest there is would be S&S Petroleum in Kirkland, WA – but it has a different address.

There is no record of Lucero working there – I checked.

SNO+? Nope. The project is led by some Canadian guy. No affiliation with Manuel Robert Lucero.

As far as the National Lawyer’s Guild goes, the mass incarceration committee is chaired by a guy named Manuel Lucero….but it  may be  just an instance of having the same name and this guy capitalizing on it.

Or it may be a Franklin Baxley scenario, where a nonprofit simply doesn’t do its due diligence to find out what kind of scum it has associated. If that’s the case, maybe they shouldn’t be associated with a registered sex offender…just a thought. And maybe someone should let them know.

As a side note, the only endorsement Lucero has on his profile is from this guy, David-John Sartlett….

Who doesn’t seem to even exist as far as the internet goes, and who Raytheon was unable to confirm employment for when contacted. Oh, and Manuel Lucero is the only endorsement Mr. Sartlett has on his profile, too….


Then we get to X. Universal Solutions, the nondescript-looking business he claims to currently be employed with. I can’t find a registered business entity for this anywhere, but they do have an underwhelming-looking, barren website with some lofty claims attached to it.

And there’s only 3 reviews for the business, anywhere I could find on the internet. One from Manuel Lucero himself,

One from Adam Walker,

And one from this Arabic-looking character that makes some insane claims about the work they’re doing over at X. Universal Solutions…

Federal defense contracts, sure.

Dig a little deeper, and Manuel Lucero really starts to look nefarious. He’s also purportedly a doctor, specializing in infectious disease, general surgery, and for some reason…. an EMT as well.

He has a NPI number for billing, which is sort of like a Tax ID number for medical providers. And that number does indeed exist. Which is strange, because his medical license number does not,

his practice is listed as existing at the same address listed on his sex offender registration,

and the phone number is the same as the contact number listed for X. Universal Solutions.

There’s no state listed for his “license”, nor any credentials or board certification – just a legacy number that was issued by the shady-sounding “Iraqi National Health, INC.”. Either this is an insurance fraud, some sort of weird rape scheme, or this kid is a staggeringly narcissistic pathological liar – I suspect maybe a mix of at least a couple of these elements, myself. This is, after all, the same guy who contacted us pretending to be a lawyer so we wouldn’t out him for being a rapist. The same guy who consorts with the serial stalker who fraudulent obtained Uncle Turtleboy’s social security number and sent it to him to taunt him…and I do suspect Manuel helped him with that through the misuse of credentials he may or may not be authorized to have (we’ll find out soon enough – I put a lot of wheels in motion this morning.) This is, after all, a crime, gentlemen. And Manuel’s probation conditions are….extensive.


Doesn’t seem to stop him from flirting with the lines of the law, though.

This is the same person who tried to sue the Worcester County Jail for alleged human rights violations, listing among the “deprived of engaging in consensual sexual intimacy with other inmates.”


His civil rights were violated because he wasn’t allowed to have gay buttsex in jail. Seems legit.

The same person who created this ultra-creepy online RPG profile for some knock-off Star Trek sort of fantasy,

where he describes himself in the following absolutely insane manner:

“Manuel Lucero is an extremely intelligent young man. And he knows it. With near-encyclopedic knowledge of anything he can get his hands on (and beyond) he has a tendency to bring irrelevant matter into everyday conversation. His ostensibly easygoing, kind, reserved, but concerned demeanor can give in to the cold reality of the man beneath the surface when situations of great peril, intensity, and concentration develop around his areas of expertise.
True trust is majorly limited only to those appointed over him within the hierarchy of command. But this does not mean that there are no exceptions.
Having a lot to say on any subject matter that interests him, he can be slightly overwhelming in his criticism. Most, however, learn that this particular brand of unwavering honesty is to be valued immensely, being that if he didn’t think that you could improve, then he wouldn’t waste his time with critique where it could be used in more productive ways.
However, despite all, within social situations he is, in fact charismatic and can dole out humor when needed. In contrast, when there is work to be done, no humor, or even contemplation of moral relativism within the situation, can be afforded.
Lucero incontrovertibly values poise, class, competence, and professionalism. If you catch him while he is in the heat of his position, his ‘kind and caring’ demeanor inflates into a slightly arrogant and pompous figure of no care whatsoever other than the task at hand. Nevertheless, if you are one who has earned your keep, the facade becomes real, and you will, definitely, have a loyal, incomparable friendship, indeed.

 Lucero is an avid scientific scholar and classical musician. But, surprisingly, he is also a dedicated disciple of the studies of weapons (both ancient and modern), ground and space combat, tactics, leadership, and comprehensive warfare; So much so, in fact, that in his longer stretches of free time, one can peek into his office to find him disassembling an antique handgun or find him out, training to improve his hand-to-hand combat skills and marksmanship.

Lucero is a highly ambitious individual. If asked where he sees his career going in the near future, he’d probably insist that he is going to lead the council someday. This ambition does not go unchecked, however. He never would attempt to put himself ahead of another at a detriment to the person whom such a move would affect. A direct clause of his complex moral code.”

…..And uses his real-life family member’s names in this weird character biography, where he is clearly psychologically  working through his parent’s divorce in the least-well adjusted way possible,

“Also, his step-mom Nichole is so totally not his real mom!”


And posts misleading photographs like this on his social media:


As if he was ever going to go to college instead of jail. LOL.

Oh, and claims to be an Army veteran…. yet only has a few photos of himself in what is clearly an ROTC uniform from  2011, when he was around 15 years old.


That doesn’t count as service, you loser.

This is a young man clearly entrenched in a fantasy world he has created to cope with his own abject failure in life, who is certainly not adverse to misrepresenting himself, even by fraudulent means, while on probation. He has a violent criminal history, expresses an entitlement to sexual gratification, and is currently consorting with a serial stalker who quite apparently has not rehabilitated himself in the least.


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