Meet Robyn Rylander: Morbidly Obese Teacher Who Berated Student For Endangering Her Health By Not Wearing A Mask While Eating Lunch 


A teacher at Poynette High School in Wisconsin has been placed on leave after berating a student for taking his mask off to eat food in her class.

Eating chips and laughing while getting yelled at by your cholesterocerous of a teacher.


“I don’t care if you’re vaccinated you little dink! I don’t wanna get sick and die! There’s other people you can infect just because you’re vaccinated. You know what? You’re not a special person around here. You should hear about how everybody talks about you! You’re a JERK!! You’re a jerk! And you need to have respect for other people in your life. You’re not a big man on campus, walking around here like you have a stick up your butt.”

“I’m just trying not to crease my shows, that’s why I’m walking like that.”

“It’s not literal you dummy!”

I can’t believe this meme came to life.

This 40 second video perfectly encapsulates everything that is wrong with COVID hysteria conspiracy theorists.

  1. That teacher is morbidly obese and has let herself go for years by eating poorly and not exercising. A virus came along that preys on people like her, who made poor life decisions, and the people who ate responsibly and exercised had to give up their freedoms to protect her. If you don’t want to get sick and die from COIVD (or in general) you might want to try exercising.
  2. He’s literally eating food, which requires you to remove your face mask.
  3. She’s almost definitely vaccinated, which means there’s almost no chance of her contracting the virus.
  4. He’s also vaccinated which means there’s even less chance she can get it from him.
  5. The teacher clearly does not believe the vaccine works, because if she did she wouldn’t be worried about a vaccinated student giving her the virus.
  6. This was all about control, and has nothing to do with science.

I don’t mind the tough love style of teaching normally. I’ve had teachers use language like this towards me as a student and I totally deserved it. He’ll be OK. What I have an issue with is what this incident represents, and the power that these disgusting slobs and horrible teachers have had over society since the pandemic began.

She mockingly tells the student that he’s not special, but in fact he is special because this was obviously a special ed class. We know that because it’s small and there aren’t many kids in it. Sure, he’s probably a pain in the ass to his teachers, but in this case he’s the good guy and couldn’t possibly have handled himself any better. He should’ve told her to sign up for a 5K instead of wasting her time yelling at him, and he kept his cool while this lunatic memed herself by making a smart ass comment about why he walks around “with a stick up his ass.” She didn’t think the joke was very funny at all, proving that it’s actually her who has the stick up her ass (which simultaneously exists in both central and eastern standard time).

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There’s a second tape too:


People don’t like you, I don’t like you.”

He should wear that as a badge of honor

“In a few years I know exactly where you’re gonna be, because people with your attitude don’t get very far.”

You’ve taught special ed in Wisconsin for 27 years, you’re going to die from easily preventable health related issues, and your brain is melted into mush by COVID propaganda. Maybe you’re the wrong person to lecture other people about getting far in life.

Poynette announced that this diabetes dumpster fire was on paid leave while they investigated, which is code for “we’re gonna let the outrage cycle move past us and then quietly bring her back because we’re afraid of the all powerful teacher’s union full of menopausal women.” They didn’t name her though, so we will. Meet Special Education Teacher Robyn Rylander:

Her daughter Elyse is the manager of “diversity, equity, and inclusion” at a bicycle shop.

Because how did bike stores function before we had diversity, equity, and inclusion managers?

They’re both graduates of nearby University of Wisconsin, and seem to have never left the area, which makes it all the more hilarious that she told the unmasked student that she knew exactly where he was going to be in a few years. Yea, same place as you Wilford Grimley.

It goes without saying that this woman should be fired for this, even though I’m sure she won’t be since she’s an entrenched 27 year veteran and the kid was probably breaking some stupid COVID rule. Honestly, I’m more upset that people like her were allowed to hold society hostage for the last 14 months. I have nothing against fat people, and I have a bunch in my family and circle of friends (“I have a fat friend” if officially the new “I have a black friend). But none of them ever told me that I should have my freedoms restricted to protect them, because I have no tolerance for getting lectured about public health by people who have done such a poor job on their own health before coronavirus was invented in a lab by the CCP.


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