Megan Rapinoe Is The Most Miserable And Divisive Person On Earth


I just wanna take a moment to chime in on about this perpetually miserable, “may I speak to the manager” Becky.

I’ve kept my thoughts to myself about Megan Rapinoe because I hate giving her the attention she so desperately craves. I remember her a few years ago when Kaepernick started kneeling and there was a headline that some white woman’s soccer player was doing the same thing “in solidarity.” All I could think of was, “why does anyone care about what a women’s soccer player is doing?” Literally no one watches women’s soccer unless the World Cup is on, and even then most people would rather watch men’s teams from two countries they don’t care about play in the World Cup Final, rather than the American women’s team. That’s not sexist, it’s just an undeniable fact.

Plus, kneeling for the anthem while choosing to play for team USA is just so remarkably dumb that I wouldn’t even know where to start. If you want to protest injustice in the United States because it’s so terrible here, how bout just not playing for Team USA? You’re literally walking propaganda every time you set foot on the field. If America is so bad then why would you want to be an international ambassador for your country?

And I really don’t care that she doesn’t want to go to the White House. That’s not even original any more at this point. Like, oh you’re so brave because you’re doing what half the Red Sox, and the entire Philadelphia Eagles and Golden State Warriors teams have done before you. We’re all very impressed by your wokeness.

My issue was this:

She agreed to meet with AOC and get a tour of the House of Representatives. AOC is the left’s version of Trump. AOC is as divisive as you can possibly get, and Rapinoe is SPEAKING FOR THE GROUP when she says that her team will go there instead of the White House.

Oh, and then there’s this.

This is supposed to be a team we rally around that unites us? You don’t have to go to the White House but at this point she’s clearly saying that Team USA only represents one half of this country. At least if you go to the White House you can say that you respect the office, but not the guy in the office. This is her picking teams.

Meanwhile this is like porn for CNN, and another player no one’s ever heard of came forward and did what all the cool kids are doing – bashed Trump and said she’ll visit AOC but not the White House.

Do you think there are any players on Team USA who voted for Trump, or who are conservative? I’m sure there’s a couple, although they’re likely outnumbered. But if any of them dared to voice their support for Trump, the way that these other players are voicing their hatred for him and their support for AOC, they would get destroyed. What kind of “captain” puts her teammates in that position?

Go Netherlands.


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