Melrose Woman Denies Wrongdoing For Questionable GoFundMe For Masks For Local Hospital 


Vanessa Dedulonus is a Melrose woman who presents herself as a life saving activist on Facebook.

But “the hat” suggests that there may be more to this story.

Vanessa was kicked out of a Stoneham Facebook group last week for price gouging masks.

As deplorable as these scam artists are, it’s also hard to have sympathy for people who so willingly hand over their money like this. It’s difficult to imagine how you don’t go broke when you see someone selling masks for $5 a piece and you think you’re getting some sort of deal.

Yesterday Vanessa showed up in neighboring Melrose and Wakefield Facebook groups with a GoFundMe for a local hospital.

Just to review:

  • She “spoke with” Melrose Wakefield hospital. Not a person necessarily, just the hospital itself.
  • She doesn’t say who she spoke with or why they asked her to coordinate this fundraiser.
  • She will donate 1,700 masks, but only if she can raise $1,150 to buy them from her supplier first.
  • The health of the entire area depends on this woman in a flat brimmed Chicago Bulls hat reaching her GFM target goal so she can buy them off her mystery supplier.

She obviously seems trustworthy, and there is nothing shady about this story whatsoever.

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It’s not like she checks off several boxes in our ratchet radar.


Generally people that are obsessed with Henny and flat brimmed Bulls hats are upstanding citizens who can be trusted not to sell their food stamps. The only way she could be more trustworthy is if she was selling cartons of Newport Lights to raise money for a coronavirus vaccine. 

She ironically has a problem with price gougers around the holidays. 

Apparently price gouging is only OK during a pandemic when you’re selling lifesaving materials, but not when you’re selling Christmas presents.

Many in the Melrose group were skeptical.

Best rest assured, because Monique Babine knows her.

She knows her “personality.” Well then, why didn’t you just say so Monique? If a random stranger on Facebook says she’s legit then she must be legit.

Case closed.

So where does Hurricane Hennessy get her masks from?

A “supplier” of course. So why can’t she just have her supplier sell them directly to the hospital? Why did the hospital direct her to open up a GFM, and only donate masks if she can raise $1,150?

She doesn’t know their finances. She’s just helping out. OK then.

The tell-tale sign that you are dealing with a scammer is that they always deflect to all the good they’ve done the second people start questioning their scams. Vanessa is the master of that.

She has donated “to elderly.” They are a foundation. You can just write a check to “elderly” and they all get to live for 5 more years. And let’s not forget the children’s hospitals and “first responders” too. What would all these people do were it not for the generosity of Hurricane Hennessy?

I decided to message her myself to see if she could clear some of this up.

But she blocked me after I began asking completely legitimate questions, which isn’t totally shady or anything like that. Turns out the hospital isn’t interested in dealing directly with a supplier of masks, and instead they prefer independent contractors start GoFundMe’s for them.

It should be noted that a day before she created the GFM she asked this question in the Melrose group.

She wanted to find out if the hospital needed masks, she found out they did, and then she claimed to have coordinated with them. She did the same a few weeks ago except with hand sanitizer.

What would all these hospitals and first responders do without Vanessa starting fundraisers to provide them with the things they need to keep people alive? God Bless this American hero.


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