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Poor Behavior

Memphis Fire Dispatcher Posts Death Threat To Kill Me For Sharing Opinions On YouTube Stream


This is Nicole Brooks, a University of Florida fanatic living in Memphis.

She’s currently a fire dispatcher and a nursing student.

She’s also one of Kate Peter’s cult members who was watching me call out the queen ratchet for lying about giving away her two youngest boys because they were products of rape. I came on at the 1:43 mark.

Bristol went so far as to lie about testifying at a rape trial, which never occurred. Something she insisted happened when questioned about it.

The court case Commonwealth vs. Steven J. Young, docket number 1131CR003219 in Taunton District Court, was resolved when Young plead guilty and was sentenced to 2.5 years in jail for assaulting her. He was never arrested for or charged with rape. Thus there was no defense trial and Kate never took the stand to testify against her imaginary rapist.

All I did during the stream was point this out and Nicole Brooks decided she was going to kill me for that.

Well, that’s not appropriate for a woman whose Facebook page is filled with pro-police stuff, largely because she works every day with first responders.

I have no problem with anyone who wants to take shots at me. Take for instance her fellow cult member Taco.

He seems nice enough. All he did was come on the panel, tell me I was irrelevant, and then went and bragged about it to his homies.

Be like Taco. Don’t be like Nicole Brooks.


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