Men Like Matthew Brown Who Send Women Unsolicited Noodz After Sexually Harassing And Degrading Them Should Be Arrested Like Any Other Flasher Would


The #MeToo movement highlighted an epidemic of unreported sexual harassment in the workplace, and other physical environments where men interact with women. But an even bigger issue that needs to be addressed is digital sexual harassment. It’s extremely common, as far too many guys seem to have studied at the Travis Palermo school of romanceOne of these men is Matthew Brown from Keene, NH (formerly from Gardner).


Matthew is an extremely disturbing, narcissistic, and predatory man, and is the perfect example of what not to do while looking for love on the Internet. Multiple women have come forward sharing similar stories about harassment they’ve been subjected to from him on Facebook. His plan is simple – message random woman non-stop until they finally respond out of annoyance, then send them a screenshot of what he pretends is his bank account showing over $300,000, brag about the size of his womb broom, and tell them that if they have sex with him they will have multiple orgasms. Here’s our first example.

I’m with MVTB (who wrote a much more harshly worded take on this story on Turtleboy, which you can read by clicking here) on this – the “guess not,” “or not” thing is not only pathetic, it’s a losing tactic. It’s a pathetic display for sympathy designed to get a response. Something like, “sorry I wasn’t ignoring you, I’ve just been busy,” even though they were intentionally ignoring you the whole time. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – if a woman doesn’t get back to you then it’s for a reason. The more messages you send, the more desperate you come across, and the less likely you are to play horizontal scrabble. It’s amazing that any guy over the age of 24 hasn’t learned this by now.

People like Matthew Brown keep messaging because they’re counting on women getting sick of the notifications and responding out of frustration.

Pro tip – saying “please” isn’t an effective way to get a woman to say yes. You’re not a child asking for extra ice cream. Begging isn’t attractive.

Finally, when you ignore predators like this they eventually get frustrated, stop pretending they’re one of the “nice guys,” and show you their real colors.

What a big loss that is. If she had only responded earlier she could’ve gotten a free meal before her trip to poundtown. Now she’ll have to pack a lunch if she wants a ride on the Matthew Brown Express.

When all else fails people like this use money.

Except chances are he has no money since he appears to be recovering from some sort of substance abuse problem, and recently was hired as an unskilled laborer at Tavern in the Square in Littleton.

He sends the exact same screenshot, showing the exact same amount of money to every woman he harasses, and the dollar amount never changes.

Almost as if it’s not really his bank account.

He’s become so notorious that some women preemptively tell him they want $5K when he messages them.

Huge loss for sure.

Meanwhile, this guy’s going to “meetings” for drug addicts and recovering alcoholics in Gardner. I would imagine it’s not hard to find the kind of woman he’s looking for at these meetings. So my question is, why is he wasting time with respectable strangers on Facebook when he’s got fish in a barrel in front of him already?

He also has a tendency to send unsolicited pictures of his schmenzer too.

Stop right there. This should be a crime. If you walked down the street and exposed yourself to a woman you’d be arrested. Why should you be allowed to do it legally on Facebook messenger or via text? It should also be a crime to say, “your loss” when sending one of these pictures, as if women would be hard pressed to survive without access to his Jurassic pork.

The worst part about predators like this is that they blame the victim. In this case he justified sending that picture by saying, “you didn’t respond to ANY of my messages.” As if she’s obligated to. As if failure to do so means he has permission to send a complete stranger pictures of his mushroom machine.

But he still tried to seduce her anyway, even though she was clearly disgusted by him.

Multiple orgasms? Calm down. The only multiple thing women are getting out of you is restraining orders.

Nevertheless he still thought he had a shot by “apologizing,” saying he was sick of girls who “play games” (AKA, don’t respond to his multiple messages), telling her what a nice guy he is, and asking her out for a drink.

On Facebook he’s constantly degrading women, which is a great way of showing women what a nice guy he is.

He’s demeaning women who have the the audacity to ignore him, and acts like they’re the bad guys after he sends unsolicited dick pics their way. He calls himself a “real man,” when he’s going to recovery meetings in Gardner. He looks down on loose women who want to have sex in the backseat of a car, meanwhile those are exactly the kind of girls he’s looking for online. And my personal favorite is how he says he doesn’t like girls who flaunt gym selfies for validation while simultaneously doing that all the time.

Two sets, ten reps.

The most disgusting and twisted thing about this particular predator is that he has a teenage daughter, and the women he’s sexually harassing all day are barely older than she is. It doesn’t look like she lives with him luckily, but he plays up the whole, “I’m the world’s best dad” facade on Facebook by posting private text messages between the two of them.

I’m sure she’s thrilled to be used as a prop in his vain attempt to show people what a great guy he is.

As amusing as it is to mock people like this, it’s actually a pretty serious issue. This is straight up sexual harassment, it should be a crime, and people like him should be arrested for it. He has a right to be a degrading, narcissistic pig, but he doesn’t have the right to expose himself to and repeatedly harass women who clearly want nothing to do with him.


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