Men’s Cross Country Star Set To Dominate Women’s Cross Country After Identifying As Female, Says He Was “Miserable” Losing To Men


We’ve seen biological males dominating men’s track and field, but only in the sprints. It was only a matter of time until it happened in long distance running. This is Juniper (AKA June) Eastwood, a senior on the University of Montana Women’s Cross Country team.

Juniper is biologically male, and previously competed on the men’s team as Jonathan Eastwood.

Jonathan was the 2014-15 Montana boy’s stats champion in cross country, the 800 meters, the mile, and the 2 mile.

From there he received a scholarship to the University of Montana, where he qualified for the National Championships in cross country as a sophomore, finishing 74th overall, after finishing 24h in the Big Sky Conference.

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As someone who has coached this sport for years I can tell you that these times are very good, but North Arizona is in Montana’s conference, and they are the reigning Division 1 National Champions. So his times cannot come close to competing with the elite men’s runners.

The NCAA allows you to do transition to the gender you identify with if you take a year off and begin hormone treatment. But all the estrogen in the world cannot undo 21 years of male body growth.

Jonathan is now listed on the women’s cross country team on Montana’s website. In his last race on the men’s team Jonathan finished 30th overall at the Big Sky Championships in 2017. However, his time of 25:44 was five seconds slower than the previous year’s championship race, in which he finished 24th.

I know what this feels like for runners. We call it “hitting a wall.” It’s when you train just as hard as you ever have but your times either stay the same or get worse. It’s extremely frustrating when you put in 60-70 miles a week minimum as they do at this level, but can’t improve between sophomore and junior year. And according to an interview he did with the Bozeman Daily Chronicle, this was a big reason why he transitioned:

“I felt kind of stuck. I had done this running thing for so long and was pretty miserable doing it, because I was pretty miserable in men’s racing,” Eastwood said.

In other words, he wasn’t winning championships any more. He was still his school’s best runner, but he wasn’t the top dog in the conference, which was dominated by the much faster runners from Northern Arizona and Southern Utah.

He was the top runner on one of the worst teams in the conference, and I’m sure it was defeating to lose for the first time in his life.

The women’s team at Montana didn’t fare too well at last year’s Big Sky Championships either.

But when you add the fastest runner from the men’s team to your squad, you’re going to get a lot better.

Mens’ races are 5 miles, while women’s are 3.1. Jonathan ran 5:09 mile pace in his last men’s race, but has run as fast as 4:52 mile pace for a 5 mile race. The 5:09, which was his slowest, converts to 15:57 for a 3.1 mile race. He’d likely go a little faster since it’s a shorter race too. This would put him over 30 seconds faster than last year’s Big Sky Conference champion.

Barring injury he should win easily, and Montana will finish much better than 9th as a team. There’s also a good chance he will win the Division 1 National Championship as well, because last year’s winner ran 5:17 mile pace.

In the interview he did Eastwood said that when he found out he could compete as a woman, he suddenly liked cross country again.

Eastwood did her research and found the NCAA’s trans athlete policy on her own. She realized she could have both, her true identity and the sport she loves.

But wait, I thought he was “pretty miserable doing it?”

“I felt kind of stuck. I had done this running thing for so long and was pretty miserable doing it, because I was pretty miserable in men’s racing,” Eastwood said.

Turns out he was just referring to his performance, and not his overall state of mind. He liked cross country, he just didn’t like the fact that he could no longer win every race just by showing up.

Not only will he dominate, but Montana will finish much higher as a result of it. Any reasonable person would see this for what it is – cheating. But shockingly the coach from Montana doesn’t have a problem with it, because the people who coach male to female transgender athletes never have a problem with an obvious unfair competitive advantage:

Brian Schweyen, head coach of the University of Montana’s track and field program, describes Eastwood as a “very talented” and driven athlete. The kind that any coach would want to work with, he said. Schweyen said he fully supports Eastwood’s decision to compete on the women’s team. He said that while some may question the fairness of the situation, the NCAA makes that determination, and he trusts the decision.

“Some may question the fairness.”

No one is questioning anything. It’s unfair, it’s undeniable, and everyone with a brain can plainly see that.

Some day in the future people will look back at the language they used in stories like the Bozeman puff piece, and they’ll be so confused.

Eastwood was assigned male at birth, but identifies as female. She’s transgender.

Translation – he was born a dude because he is a dude. Then one day he decided he didn’t want to be a dude, and instead of telling him that he doesn’t get to decide that, society not only humored him.

Or read the last sentence of this paragraph.

Eastwood spent three years running for the men’s cross-country and track teams. In 2016 and 2017, she ran the best times of anyone on her team at the Big Sky Conference championships. At her last tack meet in 2018, she placed seventh in the 1,500 meter conference championship race. She was, by all accounts, a competitive and successful male runner.

She was a competitive male runner. She was a male. Rational adults are repeating phrases like this out of fear of what will happen to them if they don’t. This is absolutely madness, and is a culture that every single democratic member of congress supports when they voted yes on the so called “Equality Act.” But they can’t get it through the Senate, and Trump would veto it if it did. It’s why I will be voting for Trump again in 2020 – because there isn’t a single democratic candidate for President who wouldn’t sign this bill.

It’s important to call this out for what it is – sexism. This is men invading women’s spaces and taking something away from them. Kara Story from Idaho is the top returning runner in the Big Sky Conference after finishing third last year, and was likely the favorite to win it this year. She deserves it for putting the work in. But it will be nearly impossible for her to compete against a biological male whose PR is over a minute faster than her’s. Montana is really bad, so her addition to the team probably won’t win them the conference, but they’ll pass a bunch of teams that are entirely comprised of biological women.

On a related note, this is why Megan Rapinoe and the US Women’s National Team are such frauds. They claim to stand for equality and social justice, which is easy to do when none of the countries they competed against had biological men on their teams. They claim to be champions for women athletes everywhere, but they’ve remained silent as all these women continue to lose to biological men over and over and over again.

Gender no longer really means anything. I challenge you to ask anyone who subscribes to the idea that a man can become a woman to ask them a simple question – what is a woman? Define woman without using the word woman in the definition. If they’re unable to say, “someone who feels like a woman,” then they’ll have to default to biology, and reveal that they don’t actually believe any of this either. Jonathan might feel like a woman, but he is in fact a man, and should be competing against them.


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