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Mentally Ill Dorchester Dad Live Streams Himself Kidnapping 5 Children And Wife Driving 110 MPH Before Crashing Into Tree


A Dorchester father was arrested after live streaming himself kidnapping his children, driving over 100 mph, and eventually crashing the car. It’s pretty intense.

Union LeaderA Massachusetts man arrested after leading police on a chase with his five children in the vehicle live-streamed some of the incident on Facebook before allegedly ramming a cruiser and crashing into a tree in North Hampton. “We don’t want to die,” one of his daughters screamed at one point as she pleaded with him to stop during Thursday’s frightening ordeal. Alpalus Slyman, 29, of Dorchester, faces three counts of felony reckless conduct, conduct after an accident, and disobeying an officer. 

The arrest followed a pursuit that began when police in Haverhill, Mass., notified New Hampshire authorities to be on the lookout for a blue Honda Odyssey minivan. Police had received a report that a woman was thrown from the vehicle in Massachusetts, which prompted the chase, but Rockingham County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Al Brackett said they later learned that the woman was Slyman’s wife and that it appeared she jumped out while it was moving because she was concerned about the way he was acting.

Slyman posted several videos from inside the minivan on his Facebook page, some of which were taken before his wife fled and he continued on into New Hampshire with the children — ages 13, 5, 2, 1 and 8 months. Brackett said the 13-year-old child also posted about the incident on social media. Screams could be heard several times during Slyman’s livestream as he refused to pull over while listening to WROR, a classic hits radio station.

“Don’t you understand? The cops aren’t your friend,” he tells the children before claiming that he’s trying to protect them.

At one point he turned the camera toward his speedometer, which showed him traveling at 110 mph. He also asked for help from the president: “Donald Trump, I need a miracle,” he said. Slyman later told the children, “All they’re going to do is drug me and then say I’m crazy.”

In earlier videos before his wife got out and the chase began, she could be heard begging him to stop.

“Slow down, honey, before you kill us!” she says after telling him that he’s “not right.”

Slyman is being held without bail at the Rockingham County jail after he was found to be a danger to himself and his family. Brackett said a mental health evaluation was requested. Police soon learned that the incident was being live-streamed from inside the minivan, prompting Rockingham County dispatchers to connect to the feed and advise deputies and officers that there were passengers in distress and in need of help. Deputies and officers from several agencies continued to pursue Slyman as he got onto Route 101 and headed eastbound. Stop sticks were deployed while he was traveling in Stratham, causing one of his tires to deflate. Police said he got off Route 101 at Exit 12, struck another vehicle, and drove on into North Hampton, where his minivan was boxed in by sheriff’s vehicles. At that point, Slyman rammed a cruiser and struck a tree at approximately 12:17 p.m. in the area of 10 Exeter Road in North Hampton. Slyman was arrested without further incident. Brackett said the children were not injured and were later reunited with their mother.


That is the wildest video I’ve ever seen. He thinks he’s either talking to a radio or he believes he’s on the radio the entire time. He thinks there’s a conspiracy to get him and that his kids are a part of it. His teenage daughter at one point turns the wheel to try to get him off the road and convinces him that she has special powers to communicate with the police who begin chasing them.

This is the wildest part.

“My daughter’s trying to kill us.  She’s trying to silence us. You’re part of it aren’t you?” (to daughter)

“Don’t you understand the cops are not your friend?


He has a lot of videos on his page. This is from when his wife was still in the car.

She calls him mentally delusional, he accuses her of not loving him, she begs him to pull over in a clam voice as their teenage daughter screams “we don’t wanna die,” and the wife cries, “you’re going to kill us.”

In this one he says, “don’t you understand I’m trying to protect you?” He then asks Donald Trump and Q Anon for help, and says that Hillary Clinton won’t help him because she’s demonic and cut open a ten year old (unable to confirm if this is true).

Here’s another one where the girl is screaming for help in the background and pleads for the baby’s sake to pull over.

“She’s just a baby (the baby in the back), she’s so innocent.”

“My wife and my daughter were a part of it, I can’t believe it. The radio let me know that my neighbors were actually spies, they weren’t even really married.”

As you can see from his posts, he is not in touch with reality.

I can’t even be mad at a person like this because he’s completely lost his mind, and that is tragic. If his kids had died I might feel differently, but thank God they’re OK. This man’s brain has been completely taken over by a disease that prevents him from being grounded in reality. It’s nothing less than a miracle that the children were not hurt, and they are beyond lucky.

My question is, why did his wife jump out and abandon the kids? I don’t want to judge anyone who’s been through a traumatic event like this, but if my wife was driving the kids and I off a cliff, then I’m going down with them. You couldn’t pay me enough money to leave my kids in the hands of a person who is capable of killing them.


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