Metrowest Woman Price Gouging And Delivering Toilet Paper On Facebook Yard Sale Pages Shows How Ratchet Human Nature Is At Its Core


I didn’t want to go to Walmart yesterday, but we haven’t gone grocery shopping in a bit and needed some food. So I elected to be both stunning and brave and head to the Leominster Walmart, where I saw firsthand how debased human beings would be in the event of an actual crisis. I expected to find food shortages, but as it turned out the food supply was plentiful. However, there was one thing that this Walmart and almost every other store is sold out of –

Toilet paper.

But why? Why is toilet paper more coveted than food? How many poops do you people anticipate taking during the apocalypse if you don’t have any food? Well, apparently this panic has set in because of people like this:

Does this look like the kind of ratchet who would stock up on keester kleenex in order to resell it for a profit on local Facebook yard sale pages?

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Yes. Yes, it does.

Erika Roman got torn apart faster than Rudy Gobert’s bunghole on coronavirus and eventually the post was removed. But she attempted to defend herself by saying that she had to drive to various stores and spent time and gas. To her price gouging is both a job and a legitimate business.

Tittoo. It all makes sense now.

I decided to reach out to Erika to see what she was charging.

Yea, that never happened. Your ratchet instincts took over and you went out and bought half of Walmart’s supply of TP. There was no friend who called you and decided to sell you a massive quantity from her massive quantity. None of that happened.

The coronavirus will ultimately go away and we’ll all be fine except for the dead people. But what this has shown us is that human nature at its core is ratchet. What happens if an actual crisis comes about? Because ultimately coronavirus is nothing. One of the reasons I watch The Walking Dead is because of how real it portrays human nature. The zombies aren’t the bad guys – people are. The zombies just bring out the worst in everyone, much like coronavirus.

So is price gouging like this illegal? Probably not. But it’s still a shitty thing to do.


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