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Metrowest Woman Price Gouging And Delivering Toilet Paper On Facebook Yard Sale Pages Shows How Ratchet Human Nature Is At Its Core


I didn’t want to go to Walmart yesterday, but we haven’t gone grocery shopping in a bit and needed some food. So I elected to be both stunning and brave and head to the Leominster Walmart, where I saw firsthand how debased human beings would be in the event of an actual crisis. I expected to find food shortages, but as it turned out the food supply was plentiful. However, there was one thing that this Walmart and almost every other store is sold out of –

Toilet paper.

But why? Why is toilet paper more coveted than food? How many poops do you people anticipate taking during the apocalypse if you don’t have any food? Well, apparently this panic has set in because of people like this:

Does this look like the kind of ratchet who would stock up on keester kleenex in order to resell it for a profit on local Facebook yard sale pages?

Yes. Yes, it does.

Erika Roman got torn apart faster than Rudy Gobert’s bunghole on coronavirus and eventually the post was removed. But she attempted to defend herself by saying that she had to drive to various stores and spent time and gas. To her price gouging is both a job and a legitimate business.

Tittoo. It all makes sense now.

I decided to reach out to Erika to see what she was charging.

Yea, that never happened. Your ratchet instincts took over and you went out and bought half of Walmart’s supply of TP. There was no friend who called you and decided to sell you a massive quantity from her massive quantity. None of that happened.

The coronavirus will ultimately go away and we’ll all be fine except for the dead people. But what this has shown us is that human nature at its core is ratchet. What happens if an actual crisis comes about? Because ultimately coronavirus is nothing. One of the reasons I watch The Walking Dead is because of how real it portrays human nature. The zombies aren’t the bad guys – people are. The zombies just bring out the worst in everyone, much like coronavirus.

So is price gouging like this illegal? Probably not. But it’s still a shitty thing to do.


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  1. The fact that big Pharm. company’s mark up meds 1000 of a % over what the cost to produce it and then force people who require these meds to survive is far worse than this lady, so what she see’s an opportunity to behave like walmart or big pharm, but you all shame her while people are dying because they can not afford the incredible markup of meds required for survival, This post is an example of the blind misleading the masses….

  2. I love your work and have as much disdain for ratchets as you do… but this is a good thing. This is some enterprising speculation and provides a very useful social function. This is free market capitalist activity and you, surprisingly and sadly, are on some real liberal socialist type thinking here. Allow me to correct it:

    It is no different from, say, a commodities trader who expects a supply shock to the wheat market in the coming months and who buys wheat now while it is plentiful and then holds it off the market until the shock hits to sell when it is more scarce thus fetching a higher price and more profits for him … and also thereby shifting supply from where it is less urgently demanded to where it is more urgently demanded which puts downward pressure on the price when it is needed most. People have more and cheaper wheat than during the wheat shortage than they otherwise would because of the (profit making) speculator.

    This is how free markets make best use of scarce resources. price gouging like this is made illegal all the time and further exacerbates the shortages. If the government allows the price of something to rise to reflect actual supply and demand conditions in crisis situations, it unleashes the full power of free market capitalism and provides glaring incentives to every profit-seeking entrepreneur to be like “omg, look at the price of TP… all i have to do if find a way to get TP to people at a lower price than the next guy and I can become rich!!”. This puts downward pressure on the price and increases supply.

    if the government makes price gouging illegal, then no one has an incentive to bust their ass to get TP to people who need it.

    Our ratchet in question here is performing that much needed social function like the wheat speculator is in the example above.

  3. I dont know how to contact turtleboy but I’ve got a hell of a story, my fully ratchet sister claimed to have Corona virus and decided to self quarantine at my moms. The kick is my mom is older and very sick but because she has no where to go she went there. Then after I blasted her on fb her man who wont take her in said she tested negative on a 2nd test and the first was a false positive which is laughable because they are barely testing people once. And nevermind whether she lied or not she was willing to go and possibly give it to my immunocompromised mother and her extremely asthmatic daughter that lives with my mom because she cant take care of her own kid. Some more good story info, she claimed to have a cleaning company lmao and set up a job and fucked the lady over it was on the New Bedford Page. She was or is on drugs, doesnt work and sucks off the system. Shes currently going to court I believe charged with stealing from the girl she was living with. If you need any more legit info email me, kennyisfreenow33@gmail.com

  4. I’m 60 years old.
    A ratchet is a tool in my toolbox.
    I’ve never even heard the word used in the context that it’s being used here, but I’m gleaning that it means something along the lines of “hiking up the price”, or “one who hikes up the price ” of something.

    So, here’s a girl who through whatever means, got her hands on a bunch of TP and wants to sell it for a small profit.

    Now, if she were buying it for $3.99 for a package of 4 rolls at Wal Mart (is that the price that we’ve agreed is probably the real price that she paid for the stuff?), and selling it for $4.99 a package, then I don’t even understand where the idea that she’s “gouging” comes in.
    At those rates, she would actually be performing a community service, in my opinion.
    Look, if Wal Mart is selling it for $3.99, then any number of mom and pop corner grocery stores across the country would ALSO be selling that very same 4-pack for $4.99 OR MORE. No one’s accusing THEM of doing something untoward.
    I have to believe that if any of us needs TP bad enough, then there we’ll be at the mom and pop store, paying $4.99 for it. So, how is it suddenly some big ripoff scam when some girl-turned-entrepeneur decides to go to Wal Mart and buy a hundred packages of the stuff, and then turn around and make 1 BUCK on every package? That’s a hundred bucks over what she paid for the lot, and all the time and phone calls and running around that she might have to do to deal with it.
    Hardly a windfall bonanza that I’m going to get my balls in an uproar over…….
    If the girl were TRULY GOUGING, and trying to triple the price that she paid to something like $12 or more, THEN I would look upon what she’s doing as a selfish endeavor to “gouge” and rip people off. It’s the matter of whether or not she’s actually doing that (unfairly ripping people off) that’s at stake here.

    So, what are the facts in the case that’s being made by her accusors that show that she’s actually gouging or unfairly ratcheting”, or ripping people off and should therefore garner all the disdain–again??…………..

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