Michelle Wu Campaign Organizer Groomed 15 Year Old Socialist Girl For Kink Fetish Sex After Meeting On Campaign, Hired For City Hall Job After Election


This is Patrick Horan from Maine, but now lives in Brighton.

He’s a former middle distance runner from Dickinson College in Carlisle PA.

He’s a left wing activist in his last 20’s who had his career in politics mapped out for him in Massachusetts until recently. He donates what little money he has left over after spending his paycheck on rent at his 3rd floor Brighton apartment, to left wing politicians.

He’s worked on a number of campaigns for far left progressive politicians, including Senator Ed Markey, Boston Mayor Michelle Wu, Boston City Councillor Kendra Lara (who lied about receiving emails calling her the n word and illegally lives in government subsidized housing that she makes too much money to qualify for), and failed State Rep candidate Jordan Meehan.

Can’t believe that voters went with the incumbent despite this homely looking ginger lecturing them about climate change.

As you can probably tell just by looking at his frail little arms, he has likely never worked a blue collar job his whole life. Yet he masquerades as some sort of blue collar union organizer in order to win the approval of tradesmen. Here he is yelling into a bullhorn at people carrying signs, so obviously he’s the second coming of Mother Jones.

After helping Lara get elected he coincidentally was hired over well qualified minority candidates for a job in City Hall, working for the Wu administration.

While working for Meehan’s failed campaign Patrick met 15 year old Calla Walsh from Cambridge.

Calla is the modern day face of privilege, who grew up in the very expensive home town of Elizabeth Warren. Her father Chris Walsh is a radical leftist professor at Boston University who wrote a book about how the Boston Marathon bombers weren’t cowards.

Despite never having a job, living on her own, paying taxes, knowing anything about how energy works, or other grownup things that influence how people vote, she was exploited by left wing politicians like Elizabeth Warren, Ed Markey, and Michelle Wu because her presence gave the impression that “the youth” all supported their brand of communism.

Calla is basically a Masshole Greta Thunberg who the media and left wing politicians like to parade around as the voice of “Gen-Z” because she says things that powerful people want her to say about political issues. We did a turtle club episode on her in March when she made headlines for whining that her sister’s teacher urged students to consider the pros and cons of imperialism, which brought western civilization to the third world and drastically increased the standard of living and life expectancy of native people.

She’s naive and stupid that she’s a deep admirer of fascist dictator Fidel Castro and the Communist Party of Cuba, which imprisons and murders political dissidents, and doesn’t allow its citizens to leave the island. She visited the island recently and has great things to say about their “democracy” by tank.

Obviously she’s a moron who doesn’t know the first thing about recent world history or politics, and no serious person would be swayed by her thoughts on anything. It’s quite obvious that her youth and naivety allowed her to be easily manipulated by left wing activists, which is exactly why Patrick Horan began to prey on her. Obviously no adult woman could ever be sexually aroused by this man:

Despite his failed efforts to woo them by learning how to play the guitar and sing off key.

Welp, I found the only thing more cringe than Julia Mejia’s Tik Toks.

He puts no effort into his physical appearance and says he’s doing so because masculinity is the patriarchy, or something. But in reality he just likes sleeping until 10, doesn’t feel like shaving, and pretends that having no savings or assets is something that a grown man should aspire to be. He basically looks like every craft brew hipster douche you will find on the Boston Democratic Socialists Facebook page.

Patrick knew full well that no grown woman would ever be interested in a loser like him. But a 15 year old activist in the making wouldn’t know any better, so he began to court her by tweeting about transphobia, and how there are no good cops, knowing it would make any young communist moist.

Michelle Wu exploited Calla for political purposes, but Patrick saw her useful for sexual purposes. According to a post made over the weekend by Calla Walsh, Horan began to groom her for the BDSM lifestyle immediately after meeting her in 2020.


  • He realized she desperately wanted the approval of grownup communists so she could build her networking web, and he began to flirt with her during the Jordan Meehan campaign
  • After Meehan lost they began sexting on the Signal app but things got weird once he started to get into the BDSM stuff and said he wanted to put her on a leash and send pictures of his hand print on her ass
  • He told her it was important that he learn about kinky fetish sex from a grownup like him because a fellow minor wouldn’t know how to do it right
  • She wasn’t really into it but went along anyway because of the power dynamic and her desire to please him
  • They hooked up a few times over the course of a year, and although they never boned they planned to do so on her 18th birthday
  • She became emotionally dependent on him because she had mental health issues due to COVID and an eating disorder, but he tried convincing her it was OK by sending her literature that explicitly said it wasn’t OK
  • He was paranoid that his political career would be ended if left wing political hacks found out he was grooming a child, or that she would pull a #MeToo with him, but he still told her about all the other communist women he wanted to add to his sex cult
  • In June of 2021 she helped him organize this labor event, where he hugged his good friend Michelle Wu, who frequently interacted with her campaign organizer on Twitter

Calla and Patrick attended Wu campaign meetings together, where they talked about the importance of diversity along with dozens of other entirely white he/hims, she/hers, and they/thems in gentrified Somerville studio apartments.

  • Later in the summer of 2021 both Patrick and Calla were featured in the Boston Globe and New York Times. The Globe story was about how communist governor-elect Maura Healey wasn’t sufficiently liberal for their tastes because the Attorney General’s Office occasionally prosecutes and sends criminals to jail.

“Your answer doesn’t square for me.”

Yea, well, you fuck kids, so your opinion on law enforcement doesn’t really matter.

  • She dumped him in October of 2021 and told him it was because she had a boyfriend her age, but she really was just creeped out by the fact that she was a minor who he was exploiting sexually
  • After getting dumped by a child he continued to sext her anyway, and to this day she feels traumatized (understandably) by what he did to her
  • She is not looking to press criminal charges on him, but wanted to let the world know that he uses his left wing activism as a way to prey on teenage communists in training, who are the only females on the planet who could possibly ever think that someone like him is sexually attractive

Patrick scrubbed his social media in June once he realized that he could no longer control the child he was grooming for sex, now that she was an adult. He must’ve paid to have his name scrubbed from Google, because literally nothing comes up about him, even in archives. But digging up dirt on creeps like this is what we do best, and we found it all.

What I can’t stand most about people like Patrick Horan isn’t their political activism, but their hypocrisy. These are the same people who said Brett Kavanaugh couldn’t be on the Supreme Court because he was a sexual predator, despite having no evidence at all to back up that assertion. These are the kind of “men” who loudly champion themselves defenders of “women’s rights” and abortion so that they can knock up young, vulnerable girls like Calla Walsh, without having to worry about taking responsibility for it. These are the kind of people who would gladly cancel you and destroy your reputation by smearing you as a racist because you don’t want to vote for a party that thinks there are 98 genders.

Yet the media is completely silent about this story. It took a conservative blogger named after a statue of a boy molesting a turtle to publish a story about an 18 year old socialist woman’s personal account of sexual misconduct against a well known political organizer. Both of them have been featured and quoted in the New York Times and Boston Globe, and the media couldn’t stop writing positive things about them.

Calla’s original tweet about Patrick Horan has over 500 retweets and thousands of likes:

Yet not a single politician she has campaigned for has bothered to offer her any sort of public support. Regardless of her politics, this was a child who was sexually exploited by a predator who worked for and was given a job by Michelle Wu. Yet she/her has nothing to say about it.

When you Google their names the only things that come up are her tweet thread and the Globe and Times stories. Then again, the Boston Globe has a long and documented history of covering up sexual misconduct by powerful men, so their silence isn’t surprising. Reporting that a Michelle Wu campaign organizer is also a kink fetish diddler could be exploited by the Mass GOP, who might get 40% of the vote in the next election.

Jordan Sheehan has also been quiet about his good friend and campaign chairman.

He blocked me on Twitter so I can’t reach out to him for comment, but you can by clicking here. His DM’s are open.

According to a followup tweet Patrick Horan tried to quit his job at City Hall but was fired as a result of her viral tweet.

But the silence from his enablers is deafening.


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