Michelle Wu Jokes That White People Protesting Her Fascist Edicts Are Disruptive, Expensive And White 


The St. Patrick’s Day roast took place in Boston over the weekend and Michelle Wu delivered perhaps the most awkward rendition of something resembling a joke ever delivered at a roast.

Get it? Because she hates white people. It’s OK to make fun of white people because you can’t be racist against them. Because, slavery, or something. The only redeeming part of that video is when the Mayor Meatball from Everett parked his fat ass down in front of Wu right when she was “joking” about problematic white people.

Now just imagine for a moment if there was a roast last year and Marty Walsh stood up there and delivered the following joke:

“I’m getting used to dealing with problems that are expensive, disruptive, and black…..black ice, I meant black ice.”

Just close your eyes and imagine a world in which it would be possible to do that. You can’t. It would literally be the end of the world, and would single handedly destroy Walsh’s political career. The problem isn’t the joke, it’s the paternalistic culture we’ve created where it’s acceptable for some people to be the butt of a joke but not others, because white people can handle it but people of color can’t.

And please, spare me the “right wingers and left wingers both need to learn how to take a joke” bullshit.

  1. That was terribly unfunny, because Michelle Wu is a humorless nerd who doesn’t know how to deliver a joke and has likely never made anyone laugh her entire life.
  2. She meant it.
  3. I can take a joke, and you can poke fun at me for being white all day long. But if race jokes are on the table then they need to be on the table for everyone, because I’ve got some doozy’s that are way funnier than that. Like this one:

“I’m getting used to dealing with problems that are expensive, disruptive, and black…..Monica Cannon-Grant.”

The fact that nobody at this stupid breakfast would ever have the balls to make fun of Monica only further illustrates my point. This is a room full of people, half of which probably posed for a picture with this infamous criminal and donated to her Uber Eats fund. THAT is funny. THAT is worth satirizing because the people you’re crapping on are powerful and in the room. Comedy is supposed to punch up, not down. Meanwhile, Michelle Wu is mocking working class people losing their livelihoods over her fascist edicts.

P.S. Kids in Boston are forced to wear masks today even though they don’t die from COVID. Meanwhile the grownups forcing this abusive practice on them….


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