Middleborough Mother Lies About Daughter Dying From Fentanyl So She Can Scam Support Group For Hospital Cab Money To Spend On Drugs


This is Jennifer Littlehale from Middleborough and her 19 year old daughter/best friend.

Jen is a member of a Facebook group called Missing On Mass Ave, where family members of drug addicts who the City of Boston legally allows to shoot heroin in the South End, can gather to look for missing family members. Yesterday she posted that her 19 year old daughter died from an overdose.

Since it’s a group of people who have been personally affected by the opiate crisis she got a lot of sympathy from people.

Jen said she needed a ride to the hospital on Cape Cod, but couldn’t afford to pay for one.

Except there was just one problem – she made the whole thing up, her daughter was alive, and she just wanted money to get high.

Turns out she’s actually done this before too.

The ol, “my daughter’s dead from a fentanyl overdose” trick.

It’s not her fault though, it’s just the “disease.” It’s not like she’s a manipulative twat without a conscience or anything. She went out of her way to join a group of people, who she knew were sympathetic to addiction due to the fact the fact that many of them had lost family and friends to drugs, because she knew it would be easier to prey on people like this.

Meanwhile, Mushroom Tip Moses was still going at it in the comments, telling people she just wanted to say goodbye to her daughter’s dead body and asking for help getting there.


She DM’d one woman, who offered to pay for an Uber to drive her to the hospital. This obviously wasn’t part of the plan for Mushroom Tip Moses, so she made up excuses about how an Uber would take too long and she just needed $50 for a cab.

In the comments people were calling her out for being a scammer, so she went full “how dare you!”

Yes, how dare you question the woman who can’t keep her eyes open in her profile picture! It’s not like she’s ever done anything like this before, as long as you don’t count her 4 charges in the last 2 years for stealing people’s credit cards to get cash from stores so her and “roommates” could smoke crack.

Or getting caught in the act shoplifting from CVS.

Or stealing her coworkers credit card from Dunkin Donuts and withdrawing money from her account.

Or calling up a family friend, pretending that her daughter needed medication, asking for a ride to the pharmacy, getting that friend to pay for a meal, and then rewarding her generosity by stealing her credit cards.

She’s always on probation, always ends up violating it, and never goes to jail. Because….Massachusetts.

The correct response when you see people like Mushroom Tip Moses is this:

They’re not just doing this because they’re junkies. They’re doing it because they shitty people with no morals. Nothing is stopping her from selling herself on Only Fans like every other entrepreneurial junkie looking to get their fix. But she’s too lazy to do that so she preys on innocent people’s generosity instead. And she’ll keep doing it as long as people like Kim here enable her:

Good. People should make her feel horrible, because she’s a horrible person. And the only one who should be shamed is her.


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