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Mike Gaffney Sends Demand Letter To TB After Being Hired By Kate Peter To Sue Me For Sexual Harassment, Old Texts Reveal Kate’s Thoughts On Her New Attorney


Last night a turtle rider contacted me and told me to listen to a stream from Kenny Kline TV on YouTube because Kate Peter announced she was suing me and had retained perhaps the worst lawyer in the history of mankind.

Milky Mike Gaffney. The man I once endorsed for mayor who let the TB fame to go to his head, then sued me because I didn’t endorse him in an election he dropped out of, lost miserably in court, brought me in for the most hilarious deposition of all time, lost his appeal, sent out an insane flier to every household in Holden accusing me of being a pedophile, and as Bristol Blarney pointed out in this blog her new attorney wrote an affidavit and helped out Rian Waters legally in his failed lawsuit against us.

Lately Mike Gaffney has been hitting up the gym and forcing his wife Coreen to videotape him to post on social media.

Pro tip Mikey – if you bend your back like that when you’re curling it doesn’t count because your back is doing most of the work. That’s about as real as your military service.

Meanwhile his pet ginger wife Coreen is really loving the twin cans Milky Mike bought her and appears to be going through some sort of mid life crisis herself.



Kate had some interesting things to say on the live stream last night.

“I am suing him. I don’t care about spending a little bit of extra money and suing him to make a point. He might not understand the pile of shit he just stepped in, but if he doesn’t take it seriously then he is going to understand because I do have a legitimate attorney. My attorney is Turtleboy Sports arch nemesis Michael Gaffney, he’s willing to do pro bono if I run out of money. So it’s not like legal fees are a huge issue for me right now.”

I’m going to have some fun with this audio tonight on the Live show at 9 PM with Bret and Intern, so click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel because you don’t want to miss it.

For a woman who was laughed out of court and repeatedly corrected by a judge the last time we were in court, she sure likes to keep the facade going to her “fans” that she knows anything about how the legal system works outside of probate court.

Hopefully for her sake it goes better than her last attempt to get me kicked off YouTube by submitting a fraudulent federal complaint to them, falsely claiming to have a copyright on a video we uploaded.

The new partnership between Kate and Mike is interesting because no one has talked more crap about Gaffney over the.years than Kate. She used to mess with him constantly on his Worcester Independent Leader Facebook page.

“Chubby Ginger pig wife.”


She made most of the Gaffney memes.

The gaggle of losers Kate has latching onto her all think she’s some sort of strong independent woman because she told them she gave up her two youngest boys, allegedly because she’s selfless and wanted them to have a better life. In reality she tried to keep them for several years but eventually the neglect and abuse they suffered didn’t stop, and Kate’s constant substance abuse and choice in men forced DCF to adopt them out. The older two spent years in various foster homes before she permanently got them in 2018. However, after her daughter got some mysterious bruises last October another DCF case was opened and Kate gets regular visits from them once again. She now forces her 11 year old son, who needed years of counseling after the abuse he suffered from and witnessed at the hands of his mother, to participate in her weekly show where he is subjected to foul language and adult topics.


But of course her followers don’t care about that because she “exposes” Josh Abrams. Listen to this poor Australian guy Jimmy, who is clearly trying to bang her, as he kisses her ass and tells her what a great Mom she is.


Milky Mike sent me this demand letter in the mail today.

As you can see, he’s lost his mind again. The angle he’s going with apparently is, “Turtleboy wants to have sex with Kate Peter.” Hard pass on that one.

He then insists he’s going to get my taxes, just like he said he would when he sued me.

He went on to insist that Kate has never abused her children or burned a truck at work or hacked into a Facebook account or been charged with a crime in Leominster District Court.

I’m salivating at the thought of them actually suing me. I can’t wait to get all the DCF files out there and made public in discovery.

“You are anything but unpredictable or intelligent.”

For a guy who has done nothing but lose to me, Gaffney sure thinks he’s smart. The fact that this was written by a man claiming to be a lawyer is just amazing. Never mind the conflict of interest from the previous failed lawsuit.

It’s funny because Kate and I used to make fun of Gaffney all the time. Here’s what comes up when I search for Gaffney in our text messages.

She admits that he abuses the courts and has now hired him to do just that.

She’s a big shot, even ask her.

She’s been messing with this guy for years, and even downloaded an app to spam him with sex messages.

Mike also messed with her at work when he pretended he wanted to rent property as his way of letting her know that he knew who she was.

Kate also got in touch with Mike’s former fiance, who he cheated on with his current wife Coreen, who he also cheats on. As you can see, Mike has been threatening her for 20 years now.

Gaffney posted a video about me on Facebook yesterday as well.

It’s a video Michelle Olson made of me telling a heroin dealer to kill himself, doing a live show after the Super Bowl while drunk in my garage (which they thought was a moving vehicle), being “drunk in public” at a Patriots game in Ohio, and doxxing my “family” which includes a man who is clearly not my brother but shares my last name. This led to a bunch of former turtle riders who left with Bristol Blarney to suddenly feign outrage about the show they listened to and enjoyed for years, including Staci Barnes (Amastasia LB, who has said plenty of really nasty things about Bristol to me), who has been BEGGING me to stop Bret from saying mean things to her after she continually picks fights with him.

One guy attempted to point out that Mike was participating in cancel culture, but the Gaff is never wrong.

Ashley Azevedo, who made fun of Mike Gaffney for years, also jumped in.

For what it’s worth, I always appreciated Ashley’s fandom. This chick defended the wall hard for years.

But the poor girl just isn’t very bright. She’s borderline short bus and will jump on whatever train she thinks all the cool kids are on. Unfortunately she misjudged this one and went all in on Bristol, so now she has to pretend like Mike Gaffney is a normal human being in order to convince herself that she made the right decision. It’s quite sad actually.

Anyway, Gaffney says he has big plans in store.

So we will see what comes from that. See you tonight at 9 PM.




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