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Mike Giannetti Attempted To Have A Florida YouTube Show Expose TB Because DCF Won’t Allow Him To And They Were Very Confused


Last we heard from Mike “Meth Mongoose” Giannetti he announced that he was taking a break from social media and becoming voluntarily homeless per orders of DCF, after he appeared on TB Live ranting and raving at 11 PM with his baby lying on a mattress just feet from him as he exposed himself.

He sent me 10 voicemails rambling on about people I’ve never heard of before, and I hadn’t heard from him since.

But you just knew there was no way he could stay quiet for long. After all, it’s not like he’s serious about getting his kid back or anything. Apparently a guy named Tobe contacted a YouTube/podcaster out of Florida named Royce Lopez, who has 7-8K subscribers on YT, and told them that they need to put Giannetti on their show. Tobe, who likely is trolling Giannetti, told the Meth Mongoose to contact them to help his case, knowing he would make a fool of himself, and he did so in the most Giannetti way possible. Start listening around the 36:30 mark.

These guys were so confused.

Hearing someone else read Giannetti messages out loud for the first time is Grade A comedy. Of course Mike immediately started off by assuming that these guys know or care who Turtleboy is, and began his usual tirade about his YouTube view count.

Giannetti: “Someone told me you could help and I had 160K viewers on YouTube and Turtleboy stocked me and muted me and he extorted PayPal and anyone tho supported him Turtleboy blocked from the site”

Royce: “I don’t even know who you are or what you’re talking about. Who told you to contact me?”

Giannetti: “Me and my girl got sober and I put documentation on line and he had all his viewers call DCF and start messing with my life, I don’t know why but they told me you don’t play that”

Royce: “Then I got the biggest wall of text, and I get a lot of wall of text. I’m gonna read every single word of this fucking crazy, unhinged rant.”

Oh, trust me, you will never see a wall of text like a wall of text you get from Giannetti.

Royce: “There wasn’t one period in that, it was all one sentence.”

And unfortunately there wasn’t one period with his baby momma, which is why DCF had to come to the rescue in the first place.

Giannetti admitted that DCF explicitly told him not to talk about Turtleboy anymore, so he figured having a third party do it instead would be OK.

Giannetti: “I’m told DCF not to talk about him. I guess I could give you his name and shit because I’m a rapper.”

Oh, he’s a rapper alright.

You’ve never seen so many poop emojis on a livestream in your life.

They were so confused.

Royce: “What the f*** is a Turtleboy?”

Giannetti: “He’s changed his name and I’ve found out some scary shit about him”

Royce: “Are you drugs homie? Because you sound manic.”

Royce: “Tobe sent this rabid lunatic at me. Now I wish this was over, I wish it was done, and I said just leave me alone. But that wasn’t enough for him, and he sent me even more.”

Giannetti: “I should’ve known it was a trick. The idiot named Turtleboy had called DCF”

Royce: “Now, do you think that it ended? No, it did not end.”

Giannetti: “I sent you tax with the dude sending me your name so how does that make me on drugs? I had proof on this and this I had fax on him.”

Royce: “We’re gonna be joining the other guys side (Turtleboy) because we don’t wanna be with that guy.”

I went to check out Giannetti’s page to see what he’s been up to. Turns out he’s still pretending to be a Dad who’s fighting to get his kid back.

Focusing on exploiting the baby as a model so he can get crack money.

Speaking ill of Live Show cohost Bret Killoran.

He’s posting about the women who died after he gave them drugs, and pretending to care about them.

He’s exposing the cops for “breaking his arm.”

And ranting about his rap views, his ex getting restraining orders, ESPN, NASA, non-profits, DCF, and so much more.

He tried so hard to use periods at the beginning there and it was going so well. Then he went full Giannetti, and when you do that it looks like urban dictionary got blown up by ISIS.

Anyway, I have no idea what Royce’s show is all about but I feel like we need to collaborate in order to talk about the Hyde Park Meth Mongoose. If you know how to reach him have him email me at [email protected]


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