Milford BLM Activist Admits He Fabricated Story About Being Denied Service At Mendon Subway For Being Black, Also Spoke Church Rally Where BLM Banner Was Vanadalized 


Earlier in the week a Milford BLM activist named Kevin Wheeler made headlines after posting a video on Facebook claiming that he was denied service at a Mendon Subway because “we don’t serve your kind here.”

It made NBC News, despite no corroborating evidence that it occurred, and it led to protests and threats against the business which has been shut down for safety reasons since. 

Kevin took his initial video down after claiming he spoke with the owner, and put up another video in which he said the owner would be firing the employee and putting out a statement of his own supporting Kevin.

But the owner never did that.

This afternoon Kevin put up another video in which he was reading off a script, claiming that the whole thing was a “miscommunication.”

Translation – he lied about the whole thing and got threatened with a lawsuit. Rather than admit the whole thing was a hoax he’s chalking it up to a “miscommunication” so that he doesn’t have to take ownership of being a liar.

He (the owner) has reviewed the camera footage showing my visit to his location. He and I believe there may have been a miscommunication between the employee and myself. I am willing to accept that and move on with the hopes that no one ever leaves the store leaving the way I did that day. The owner has been empathetic to my feelings and understands the situation.

Miscommunication? How do you miscommunicate the phrase, “we don’t serve your kind here?”

Oh right, you can’t miscommunicate that. He just made it all up.

“I feel we all can learn to communicate with each other and continue to have the hard conversations.”

Nah, we’re not having any more “conversations” with activists like you anymore. A conversation with a black lives matter activist involves the white person “shutting the fuck up and listening,” “checking their privilege,” and blindly believing everything the activist says about their life experiences. There’s plenty of white women with hyphenated last names you can do that with now, but over here in the resistance we’re not having any more “conversations.”

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“This is my conclusion to the incident at the Subway and let’s all move along.”

Nah, we’re not moving on and pretending this didn’t happen because you read off a script. That’s not how this works.

Turns out there was a lot he left out, because the owner Mike Maloney and employees are now speaking out.

Every single person in this picture should be tarred and feathered.

Every single one of them. They are all horrible, useless, disgusting, vile scum. They prevented minimum wage workers from going to work. They cost a small business several days worth of revenue. And they did it all because they’re gullible, white guilt sheep who wanted to feel good about themselves and didn’t care who had to be hurt in the process. I hate them all, and they should all hate themselves.

Coincidentally there was another hate crime that occurred in the little town of Mendon earlier in the week, when a BLM sign hanging between 2 pillars at a church 20 feet in the hair was cut in half by an unidentified racist.

The community was worked up about it, a rally was organized, and guess who spoke at that rally about his experience at Subway?

Kevin Wheeler, who is black, attended the rally after he said he was attacked because of the color of his skin at a local restaurant. He said he was glad to see people turning out to support the message.

“It shows I have allies. It shows we actually have allies that people that have our back, that we’re being understood or people want to understand us and they want to make change,” Wheeler said.

How much you wanna bet Kevin Wheeler cut that sign down? Any takers? The man is a pathological liar who seems hellbent on destroying the reputation of the entire town of Mendon, while turning a muscular 290 pound man into a victim, because his black fragility has convinced him that being a victim is better than not being one. He is addicted to attention and sympathy from white people, and he knows exactly how to get it. I hope the Mendon Police put everything they have into investigating and charging him for what he’s done.

As horrible as Kevin Wheeler is the people who blindly believe him are even worse. Without their support he wouldn’t even bother lying. And remember, Sonja Wilkinson’s post was shared hundreds of times.

The former teen Mom from Upton, who doesn’t allow her daughter’s father to see her because he won’t sign off on the hormones his daughter wants to take in order to transition to becoming a boy, posted this immediately after she was featured on TB.

No, the employee was not fired. The employee was scared and bullied because of monsters like you and your your empty, meaningless, virtue signaling nonsense. You could’ve gotten someone hurt. You want to make this right? Issue a public apology to the minimum wage workers you hurt and the franchise owner. And that goes for all of your dumb friends too.

“F*** TB, they should stick to roasting ratchets.”

Shannon Richter, we never stopped roasting ratchets. You just haven’t realized until now that you are one.

Wrong Becky. Turtleboy is the one who defends people who are being attacked. I’m just smarter than you and can see who that is right away. You immediately jumped on the side of the attacker, while I defended that actual victim.

But even now that he has been proven to be a liar, we still get comments like this from duck lipped bimbos.

No Brittany, this wasn’t a miscommunication. It was a liar making something up. The reactions show that people are fed up with liars like this, and they’re sick of being called racist for not blindly believing them.

We were all just supposed to listen to this guy for one reason – he’s black. Kind of like how we were supposed to blindly believe Christine Blasey-Ford without evidence too. Believe women has turned into believe black people. I reject both. I believe the factually based evidence.


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