Milford Cop And Former Deputy Chief Shows Up Drunk, Unable To Stand At Black Lives Matter Vigil In Town


Milford police officer and former deputy chief Jimmy Heron was seen visibly drunk with a woman yesterday at a black lives matter vigil for George Floyd, and it wasn’t pretty.


In fairness, if he had gotten into a car while he was that drunk, smashed into a pole, had sex with a firefighter’s wife, and had a cop help cover it up for him, then he could’ve gotten elected to the Board of Selectmen like fun time Billy Kingkade.

Look at the bright side though – as long as he’s living in Milford he can never be the most ratchet person in town, so long as Nikki Evans continues to live there.

Jungle Juice Jimmy is otherwise well respected and has been on the force for over 30 years. I can’t for the life of me figure out why he showed up at all. He and the Mrs. both appeared to be 10-12 10-12 wobbly pops deep in the middle of the afternoon. They had to have some idea that they were a hot mess, he knew that he was a well respected person in town, he knew there would be kids there, and he knew that it was supposed to be a solemn event. Seems like that’s the last place you should be in that sort of condition.

Keep in mind, this was a vigil for a victim of police brutality, and a well known know police officer was openly breaking the law while getting away with it and disturbing the vigil.

Some claim he drove home too.

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But because this is Milford, the town that invented corruption in Massachusetts, everyone seems to be in a pretty forgiving mood.

PTSD? We’re blaming this on PTSD?

Wait, what? Is she really saying this is relatable? I can safely say I’ve never had a few drinks while working. That’s not a normal thing outside of Milford. However, blaming the person who recorded him acting a fool is pretty par for the course in Milford, a town where I’ve had to go to court twice for accurately reporting on Hadassah Robeson’s hellhole boarding house.

It’s also OK because kids have all seen drunks before.

No. Just no. It’s not normal for little kids to see a stumbling drunk in the park at a vigil, never mind a police officer. As the kids say these days, full stop.

I’m sure he’s a wonderful man and has done a lot of good things. He’s also clearly a raging alcoholic and needs help. He needed to hit rock bottom first and ending up on TB Daily News is the definition of that. But blaming the camera lady for trying to humiliate him is a ridiculous copout. He humiliated himself and she documented it because she was rightfully disgusted by his behavior.

This was a good one.

I get it now. It’s all good because he was off duty. Should he have been a bit more sober? Perhaps. But who hasn’t had to be propped up by their equally sloshed partner during a moment of silence for a victim of police brutality? Let’s focus on the big picture here – the man was there to show his respects. Because nothing is more respectful than this.

I don’t think this guy should be fired or lose his pension, but he should definitely be suspended. BLM is allegedly about accountability for police. If the Milford Police want to show the world that they hold their own accountable then now is the perfect time to show that.


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