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Milford Man Offers To Help Commit Pandemic Unemployment Fraud By Selling $100 Letters From Fake Companies He Created Saying He Laid You Off


This is John Chase, originally from Milford but now living in Boston.

He’s got life by the balls, as can be seen by his “self made” mouse pads, computers, fancy swivel chairs, in-home topless modeling career, and ducks.

Recently he’s been posting all over community Facebook pages in and around Milford, offering to commit unemployment fraud by drafting letters to send to the state in order to get approved for pandemic unemployment assistance.

Not quite sure what “fact finding” means, or how much he charges for this service, so someone found out.

He created a bunch of fake companies before the pandemic, writes you a letter on “company” letterhead saying they had to let you go due to the pandemic, and then confirms it if the state calls up the “company” (him). For just $100 he’ll make sure you can collect thousands of dollars in unemployment. Not a bad scam!

I wanted to get in on the grift, so I sent John a friend request and DM and he got back to me quickly. Clarence Woods Emerson must look like a sucker because LA Looks Lester jacked up his price to $120.

But what’s the name of the fake company I was laid off from? I should probably check to make sure that’s a legit company before sending him $120.

The fake company he created is a call center for Mass Health. So we’re defrauding the government by stealing from a government program and using a fake company that also works for a government program. Whatever.

After that I was blocked because he must’ve realized he was messaging Turtleboy and giving me a step by step explanation about how he commits a crime, which is never part of a good business model like ChaseXRS Digital Business Solutions.

Hey John, maybe if you didn’t block me and took my $120 you’d be able to buy yourself an air conditioner instead of begging strangers on the Internet for a free one.

Or just use your mouse pad. After all, you’re killing it.

The COVID lockdowns will go down as one of the greatest blunders in American history. They saved no lives, arguably accelerated the spread by forcing people inside, destroyed hundreds of thousands of businesses during one of the healthiest economies in American history, and enabled so many twats like this to make money by defrauding the taxpayers.


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