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Milford Middle School Health Teacher Posts Vulgar, Sexually Charged Tik Toks That All Her Students Can See, Demands They Use Proper Pronouns And No “Dead Names” In Class


This is Amanda Lucas Goguen, a Health teacher at Stacy Middle School in Milford.


According to parents she told her students that her son’s pronouns are “they/them” which pretty much tells you everything you need to know about her.

Amanda has a wide open public Tik Tok account that any of her students can view, which she updates sometimes several times a day.

Before we go any further, let me just say that it should be against the law for any grownup to actively post on Tik Tok. But her Tik Tok’s are particularly inappropriate considering she’s a middle school health teacher and this account was brought to our attention by the parents of students who contacted Turtleboy, so they’ve all seen it. Here’s one of her announcing that students in her class are not allowed to use “dead names” (previous names for transgender people before they decided they were a different gender), and that they must use the pronouns she instructs them to because “that bullshit” isn’t welcomed in her safe space of a class.

Compelled speech by the government is unconstitutional, but clearly she’s not smart enough to understand how any of that works.

Here’s a video about how she teaches kids about drugs in class:


In this video Mrs. Taco Tamer talks about her version of sex ed when it comes to religious students, in which she advises them to have anal sex, thanks God for having holes to choose from, advises them to “cum in the backdoor,” and “f*** me in the ass because I like Jesus.”

Obviously this is meant to mock students who come from a religious background, and if they viewed this they might not feel comfortable in her sex ed class.

Like any normal grownup teacher she likes to film her fishnet outfits she’s wearing to school, and tells people to f*** off if they don’t like it.


A lot of the videos are her lip syncing songs with lyrics about felatio and penises.


Here she tells the world about how she found a didlo in her dead father’s bedroom.


She doesn’t mind embarrassing her 16 year old they/them son, like that time his backpack was stolen and she went on Tik Tok and told the world how he told her to go f*** herself and that she found pot in his room.

What kid wouldn’t want their Mom doing that on social media?

She also filmed her son going to school on a Saturday, and repeatedly calling him a punk and a loser.


She brags about how she makes fun of kids in class, and tells the world about the inappropriate things they say.


She’s also a mask Nazi who complains about people out in public who won’t put their masks on when she’s around, claiming that masks are going to save people like her who are cancer patients from dying.

My 69 year old mother has pancreatic cancer and not once has she ever asked me or my kids to put on a mask around her. Don’t play the cancer card in order to force others to do something that there’s no need for them to do. If you think that you’re more at risk of dying from COVID because you have cancer, and you believe that a mask will somehow stop you from dying, then you shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a classroom.

Here she makes a joke about spreading her vagina lips.


In this one she makes jokes about looking like a “f***ing lesbian,” and “sucks on titties but also peen-peen.”


She doesn’t seem to like children in general, claiming that they’re all a**holes.


She was evidently a substitute teacher prior to getting the full time job and this is what she thinks about students who gave her a hard time.


Oh, and she made her own masks including this one that just say the f word a bunch of times adjacent to a plethora of penises.


Teachers have free speech rights on the Internet, as they should. But they’re also role models, and if they post something online that could make their students feel uncomfortable being around them then the teacher can no longer do their job effectively. You can be an edgy social media influencer who talks about the joys of anal sex, or you can be a 7th grade health, but you can’t be both.



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