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Milford School Committee Candidate Harasses TB Daily News Advertisers Because We Published Blog Criticizing Abusive Wife Of Deceased Firefighter


If you don’t like TB Daily News then you’re free not to read it. We’re not everyone’s cup of tea, but what with freedom and all you’re more than welcome to leave an exit speech on Facebook before pretending to leave us forever (you’ll be back). However, one thing I have no tolerance for are people who harass our advertisers. If you don’t like what you read on Turtleboy then go read the Huffington Post. But it’s unacceptable to email or call our advertisers and tell them that they should stop advertising with us because you don’t like the things that we say. For instance, here’s an email that Brendan Rickert of Milford sent to one of our sponsors recently.

“Are you aware of your advertisements on a website ‘tbdailynews.com.'” 

Yea, I think they’re pretty well aware of that.

“TB Daily News is not a news site.”

Thank the good Lord that Captain Snopes has appointed himself the arbiter of what is and isn’t news. If he doesn’t like it, it’s not news. I laughed out loud when I read that part because he’s thinking that our advertisers were somehow duped by the word “News” in TB Daily News. We almost fooled them!

“It’s a hateful forum that personally attacks people and allows for comments that encourage rape, violence, and hateful speech.”

Actually, it’s a love-filled forum that sticks up for victims and exposes the people who are hurting them. For the most part I hardly ever read the comments anyway, but it’s obviously stupid to suggest that we’re somehow responsible for mean things trolls post in there.

“I hope you strong(ly) consider pulling your advertisement from the hateful website.”

See, that’s just not cool. You want to whine to our advertisers that the blog hurt your feelings, whatever. You want to start telling private business owners what you think they should “strongly consider” because your beef curtain flaps are caught in your fly? Then you’re intentionally attacking my livelihood, trying to take food out of my crotch fruit’s mouth, and you get featured on TB Daily News.

Brendan is the former coach of the Fairfield Men’s Cross Country team.

And he’s now running for a spot on the Milford School Committee.

If you hate free speech and support Fascism, then Brendan Rickert is your guy. If you like those things then vote for anyone but him.

It should be noted that he wrote this email on the same day we published this blog about the cheating Milford widow who drove her firefighter husband to suicide by fucking a Milford cop and a Milford firefighter. Someone might want to tell him that he doesn’t have to white knight for a person as evil as Nicki Evans in order for to sleep with you.

He appears to work for Motorika, so perhaps he doesn’t understand what it’s like to own a business. Maybe someday he’ll realize that underhanded attacks on free speech aren’t cool, and people could do the same to him or his wife if they wanted to.


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