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Poor Behavior

Millbury Drag Queen Urinates In Pants After Being Caught By Pedo Poachers Attempting To Have Sex With 14 Year Old Boy In Leominster


It’s been a while since we’ve heard from the Predator Poachers of Massachusetts, but several people sent us their latest catch out of Leominster named Justin Eillert that had a twist – he urinated in his pants immediately upon being confronted. They also made him call his Mom and tell her that he was there to have sex with an imaginary boy who turned out to be a Puerto Rican man from Leominster.

As usual, I’m blown away over how easy it is for them to find so many predators in a small area like northern Worcester County. By now the word should be out in the chomo community that these guys are out there fishing for pedos. Going out looking for children to have sex with in Leominster is like a zebra looking for grass to eat at the Moofasa family reunion. They know there’s a huge risk involved, but they just love diddling kids so much that they determined it’s worth the risk.

I’ve never heard the “I was trying to educate the young boy abut the dangers of pedophilia, not actually have sex with him” line before.” It’s a low percentage play that doesn’t work well when they have you in the chat logs saying, “We can f*** each other’s brains out.” Plus, if a horny 14 year old boy did show up looking to become the bottom for Carrot On Top Of Boys, and he got a lecture about the dangers of pedophilia instead, he’d probably flip the ginger over and tell him wasn’t leaving there without getting his.

I haven’t spoken to the poachers about this catch, but from my experience with them they always have the chat logs and contact police afterwards. The most amazing part about that video was the phone call home to Mom. It took him 3 minutes to make the call because he was doing some shady stuff on this phone. Then Mom acted like she was talking to a 7th grade teacher who was informing her that her pedo son wasn’t keeping up with his homework.

“First time and it’s certainly gonna be the f***ing last time. I will certainly be speaking to my son.”

A stern talking to about why he shouldn’t be pilfering the bungholes of human beings born after Hurricane Katrina. Sounds like she’s taking this seriously, especially with how they ended it.

“I love you baby, bye!”

I know from dealing with the poachers before that they’re not dumb enough to fall for this line from Carrot On Top Of Boys.

“I’m gonna show her the chat.”

No he’s not. There is a 0.0% chance he will voluntarily show his mother the chat logs of him vowing to take a child to pound town. This is a pathological liar who will say and do anything to get out of trouble. He pissed his pants on purpose hoping they’d feel bad for him and let him go. He wouldn’t do the jumping jacks or sing the song they told him to. He ignored them when they told him to call his Mom. He wouldn’t even tell her the whole story when he was in front of them, so why  would he come clean with his Mom when no one was around to make sure he did?

Justin Eilert is a 2014 Millbury graduate and a former employee of the Belfont Hotel, which means he’s likely a drag queen too.

And remembrer when you go to vote in November, one of the two parties wants people like this reading books to kids in the public library, and it’s not Trump’s party.

A quick look of the things he likes on his Facebook page shows us that he’s really into Disney.

Which only goes to show that he likely takes an interest in shit kids like in order to groom them to be his Carrot Bottom.

Let’s hope the poachers have contacted Leominster Police and this piece of shit gets a little more punishment than a public shaming and a phone call with Mommy.


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