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Millbury Elementary School Principal Andrew Tuccio Cancels 4th Grade Ancestry Immigration Project After Activist Parents Complains It’s Not Inclusive For Adopted Kids, Black Students, And Is Heteronormative


Editor’s note – after publishing this blog we did a followup blog about this principal because he also cancelled a 5th grade lesson on slavery because it is “culturally insensitive” for white kids to imagine what it would’ve been like to be a slave.

This is Andrew Tuccio, a former Doherty High School coach who got the head coaching job at David Prouty where he saw lots of success (coached NFL Pro Bowler Pat Ricard), before leaving to become principal of Shaw Elementary School in Millbury in 2013.

As a meathead football coach with little man syndrome you would assume he would reject cancel culture and woke SJW ideology, but as it turns out when your primary concern is keeping your job you will adapt to being a the little man that you are if you see others model the behavior for you. It began last week when a 4th grade social studies teacher at Shaw sent out an assignment on immigration for students to research their family tree.


That’s a really well thought out, age appropriate lesson plan that focuses on the essential questions. Learning about history is fun, but when kids realize they are apart of history it really brings it to life.

Then this woman came along:

Patti Sprague is a former elementary school teacher in Worcester (either at Chandler Magnet or Tatnuck), who left her job there after she claimed it was abusive.

She appears to teach in Uxbridge now. In other words, she left a diverse magnet school in a diverse city to teach in a town that is almost entirely white. It’s OK though, because she has black lives matter and her preferred gender pronouns in her bio, lest you forget that she has female genitals AND she agrees that they should be there.


Her son, who apparently is adopted, is in the 4th grade class at Shaw Elementary School that had the immigration assignment. She previously was upset with her son’s teacher for not teaching the class that the Capitol riot was a white nationalist insurrection, and posted about it on Twitter.


Nothing says solidarity with other teachers quite like calling out your son’s 4th grade teacher for not turning her class into a liberal brainwashing factory.

Patti continued to harass this teacher this week after finding out about the immigration project they’d be working on, claiming that it was exclusionary against her son because he’s adopted. According to her this makes it “heterosexist and racist,” even though the child appears to be white and he was offered an alternative assignment.

Instead of just doing an alternative assignment she wanted the entire class to conform to the hurt feelings of a student. Except the kid’s feelings aren’t even hurt, nor does he likely give a shit. It’s just his new Mom looking to start a fight over her woke cause of the week.

Patti Sprague contacted Principal Tuccio, and instead of dismissing her because this is an unreasonable and dumb request (and because learning about your history is important), he decided to completely cave to this parent like the spineless echinoderm that he is. The email’s subject was “cultural sensitivity.”


“We want to teach history in a way that does not re-traumatize.”

First of all, no one was traumatized. Secondly, this is a dangerous and ineffective way to learn about history. How can you teach about slavery, the Holocaust, or the Civil Rights movement without discussing “traumatic” events that none of these students lived through? Will the Holocaust lesson plans be scrapped if a Jewish parent complains? Will they not teach about the Selma March or slave auctions because it might hurt the feelings of a black student?

Newsflash – history should be traumatizing. It should be shocking. If you learn about slavery and aren’t horrified by it then you weren’t taught about it correctly. Of course Andrew Tuccio wouldn’t know the first thing about history, since he’s nothing more than a jock with a whistle who got a Master’s degree in administration and gets to be a principal now. They used to roast this cowardly toolbag at Doherty High School senior banquet night every year for being so short. Little did they know they could’ve also made fun of the fact that he pees sitting down.

Learning about immigration, and children’s personal connection to it, is now banned in the Millbury Public Schools because it’s racist. Sure, they could use it as an opportunity to explore and highlight that Native Americans were here already, and black people were mostly brought her involuntarily, but that would make too much sense and wouldn’t be inclusive to adopted kids.

The best part was when they said the kids could complete the assignment, they just couldn’t present it in class or display it anywhere. Because God forbid the Millbury Public Schools encourage children to become enthusiastic about learning. Learning is officially over in Millbury because one activist adopted parent bullied them into submission via the power of email.

Patti Sprague was quite thrilled with herself, which she posted about in a Millbury for Equity and Inclusion Facebook group.

(Notice every single person who liked this in the diversity group is a white woman. Not much diversity there.)

What in God’s name is heteronormativity? They’re just making up words now and puke sloths like Andrew Tuccio give them what they want, purely out of fear. She’s bragging at the end there how the schools are caving to demands of people like her, which doesn’t placate them and only encourages them to see what they can get banned next. Look how accomplished all these white women feel after doing this. This is how sad, pathetic, and easy their lives are, that they have time to be fight battles like this.

The thing is, Millbury is far from being a Wellesley or a Cambridge. I used to coach track there and I loved it because the parents and kids were so easy to get along with. It’s a blue collar Worcester suburb with a mall, a bike trail, and two Mass Pike exits. Lot of people there are happy with a C+ and an associate’s degree, and there’s nothing wrong with that because they’re down to earth people. Most folks in Millbury don’t care about gender pronouns or woke ideology, and they certainly would support the school system if they kept this project. Instead Tuccio caved to one parent. That’s how cowardly he is.

This is why we have to fight critical race theory and wokeism in the public schools. If you don’t make your voices heard then they will think people like Patti Sprague represent a much larger group of taxpayers than they actually do. In reality they’re just the loudest ones in the room, and you have to be louder than them or they will win. I’d encourage the Millbury School Committee and Board of Selectmen to do something about this or kids in Millbury will never be able to learn about where they came from. Feel free to email superintendent Greg Myers and Shaw Elementary Principal Andrew Tuccio to let them know your thoughts on the matter.

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